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The technological developments of the past years have shown us that the future will be shaped by artificial intelligence and it is obvious that the main driver called neuromorphic computing. engineering has their focus on neuromorphic computers that are designed based on the model of the human brain, with the functionality of human neurons being modeled. The aim of Neuromorphic Technology is to simulate sensory organs, such as the retina of the eye, the inner ear or parts of the brain.

In the long term, these computers should make decisions or even be able to be integrated into the human nervous system. This new technology will receive a lot of attention in the future, especially in industry. As an autonomous robot, in the field of autonomous driving or sensor technology.

In the future, cognitive computers will be developed that can analyze complex data and make predictions based on the knowledge they have learned. Central to this are chips, i.e. microchips that are manufactured based on human nerve networks. These chips are also intended to map human senses. The chips are supported with specific hardware that can absorb smells or noises. The chips differ from the current technology in that they are more energy efficient and require less space.

Token Basic Information
Token symbolNMP
Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Telegram
Softcap400 ETH
Hardcap2 000 ETH
Minimum purchase10.00 NMP
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Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is a so-called “distributed ledger” technology. Literally the term can be translated as “distributed account book”, basically describes it a public, decentralized database, which is accessible via a Network is shared by different participants and in which all participants have their own copy of the ledger. Such networks, in which each participant has the entire database, are referred to as peer-to-peer networks.

In the P2P network, all participants (nodes) have the same rights and can access the same information and add information to the ledger. A single participant cannot decide whether and which entries are added to the ledger, instead a consensus process is used in which most of the Participant verified the entry. Centralized systems provide the counterpart to the distributed ledger system a central copy of a database. In such a “traditional” 4 system, only the owner of the ledger has access to the data and only he can add or change information.

Global Technological Development

The digital transformation is changing the way how companies create value. The rapid technological progress enables digital networking objects like machines, tools or products. A large part entrepreneurial added value has relocated to the network itself, where sensors, software and processors generate, exchange and use data. The shift in value starts from the hardware to software – the latter can be a make the product “intelligent” and therefore more valuable. So, it is possible to use the entire product life cycle to offer services.


The future is the development of the “spirit in the machine”. computing is the type of data processing we need on the way to real intelligence. As explained in the previous explanations is this an approach that is not based on the concepts of classic computers. Rather, networked information processing in the human brain is the godfather, in which a multitude of identical units (neurons) are connected to each other (synapses) and work together collectively. This is how decisions should be made dynamically. Each unit carries out its calculations based on the output of many other units connected to it and generates its own output from it, which in turn is processed by others. In this way, autonomous artificial intelligence is created, in which the result cannot be predicted from the information entered. The decision-making process would then no longer be a rule-based system. Solutions

Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing

Classical computer architecture has proven itself over decades. When it comes to machines learning human characteristics, however, it is disadvantageous. Classic computers process commands one after the other, and they must transport the data from memory to the processor and back. That is very inefficient and leads to enormous computing effort in machine learning. computers will help to solve these issues.

B2B-Marketplace DApp

There is no doubt that neuromorphic computing is a disruptive technology that will give nations and all their components the foundation for the future. Until now, it was primarily universities that were interested in the chips. But there is a movement in the market, that large players are becoming more interested in this technology. Future potential is now coming on board like many Fortune Global 500 companies.


In addition to the development of the neuromorphic computing technology and the presented decentralized marketplace, according to our forecasts, a comprehensive list of technology suppliers is required. Companies can only keep up in the tougher global competition if they concentrate on their core competencies. They can expand their skills by purchasing technologies in the presented B2B-marketplace for computing.

However, this increases the share of external value creation and thus the dependency on the supplier network. Companies should therefore have a close-knit supplier network and pursue at least a multiple-supplier strategy. With a well designed network, companies can react quickly and flexibly to delivery failures, commission another supplier at short notice and thus keep the damage to a minimum.

Advantages of Blockchain

Digital distribution of the blockchain on multiple computers

In a decentralized system, digital copies of the entire blockchain are stored on the computers the network participant is saved.

Consensus models

The blockchain uses many participants in the network to participate in the validate data integrity and reach consensus what data is added to the chain.

Blockchains have a time stamp

Due to the singular arrangement of the data in blocks, it can be seen and documented at any time when which data was registered in the blockchain – a subsequent change of the timestamp is not possible.

Blockchains are programmable

Instructions can be embedded in the blocks that lead to corresponding actions if certain criteria are met, as well as further data on transactions contain. Token will use our NMP token as the basis for our planned technological developments. The specified NMP-tokens serve as company shares and as a medium of exchange for the respective company performance. The idea behind this is that in order to fulfill a contractually agreed service, there is no longer any need for human intermediaries or intermediaries such as lawyers or service employees, but that the agreed contractual services practically process themselves and – central aspect – also at the same time for compliance with the agreement made to care. The actual engineering achievement lies less in the respective blockchain, which guarantees the correctness of the information, but in the concrete application and the infrastructure that is based on it.

Team team consists of numerous renowned scientists and experienced business experts. We placed great value on having enough experts as team members, especially in the technological area. Of course, we will get many new employees as we continue to do business, but we are already well equipped to achieve our vision.

MembersMichael Brandt CEO & Technology Expert
Christoph Seidel Neuromorphic Systems & Blockchain
Thomas Voigt Neuromorphic Software Ecosystem
Marcel Beck Community Manager & Crypto Expert

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