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Noia.network Ico Review : Decentralized Content Delivery Network for the New Internet



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About Noia.network

Noia.network is the next-generation content scaling network, powered by blockchain technology. It utilizes unused bandwidth from computers around the world to create a more distributed, efficient and integral layer of the internet’s infrastructure for global content delivery NOIA is designed to serve as a bandwidth optimization mechanism for every type of web content  and provide a significantly more effective and decentralized delivery method across the internet.By applying the next-generation peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing protocols, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology, NOIA aims to combine hundreds of thousands of computers that serve as a POP in one single “intranet” and provide an opportunity to every web content provider in the world to use this “intranet” to deliver their content to a global audience of visitors.

Basic Information

Token NameNoia.network
Token SaleNOA
Social MediaNoia.network Ico Review : Decentralized Content Delivery Network for the New InternetNoia.network Ico Review : Decentralized Content Delivery Network for the New InternetNoia.network Ico Review : Decentralized Content Delivery Network for the New Internet
Token Price0.08 USD
Token Supply1,000,000,000
Hard Cap36 million USD
Soft Cap5 million USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


Noia.network enables hundreds of thousands of computers to serve as points of presence (POP’s) for web content caching and delivery through local ISP networks around the world.

Bandwidth sharing

Any machine with internet access, including PC’s, laptops, servers or dedicated “NOIA Edge” devices, can all be employed to contribute to the NOIA Network and earn rewards in NOIA tokens.


Every website and application in both the current and decentralized internet can use NOIA for content delivery to not only decrease expenses but also realize more efficient content distribution.

Current CDNs are not exactly the best way of solving this problem

Unbearable costs

Delivering HD content to a global audience is very expensive, but it’s practically impossible to distribute 4K, VR, AR, and other ultra-HD content.

Limited availability

CDN services lack availability in the emerging countries, where the internet content consumption is increasing rapidly.

Technological limitations

The current CDN infrastructure is fundamentally unsuitable to adapt to the dramatic growth in bandwidth-intensive content.

Better way to deliver content

Utilization of unused resources throughout the world to form a cooperative, widely dispersed and decentralized network for efficient content delivery.

Designed to deliver the “future” content NOIA will substantially reduce content delivery costs and enable 4K, VR, AR and gaming content scaling.

Unlimited availability

The network of hundreds of thousands of nodes won’t have any geographical limitations. Especially the emerging regions will benefit from it.

Next-gen technology

Noia.network P2P content delivery protocol employs relevant parts of Peer Exchange (PEX), Bittorrent, Distributed Hash Table (DHT) and Websocket wire protocols.

NOIA Network Testnet

Download the NOIA Node Client and run it on your machine in order to qualify for a weekly airdrop of 200 NOIA tokens. Be among the first to contribute your bandwidth and storage resources and help develop and improve the network. Limited slots available.

Noia Token Economy

Blockchain technology enables NOIA to create a sharing economy of content delivery that is autonomous and has virtually no limit in terms of its scale. NOIA token is the sole currency within the system used by customers (content hosting websites) to “pay” nodes that deliver content for them.Businesses that have a demand for content delivery services are the main buyers of Noia.network token. One NOIA token represents 5 GB of data transfer, and owners of websites or applications can purchase content delivery services using the tokens. The exchange rate between NOIA token and amount of data transferred will be pegged only during the Initial Coin Offering.

The Problem

The problem is that the global Internet infrastructure is not developing fast enough to cater to the ever increasing demand for content. Video content consumption is expected to increase 4 times by 2020 and Cisco predicts 82% of all IP traffic will be video content. Future developments in gaming, VR, AR and IOT products and services will only increase those numbers.CDNs only solve this problem partially – they do have significant insufficiencies:

The Solution

Every machine connected to the Internet such as a desktop or laptop computer is already a part of the whole Internet infrastructure. Noia.network mostly use computers to consume – traffic is mostly coming    way. However, virtually any computer owned by the general public could be used to serve the opposite purpose – stream data outwards.

Decentralization Benefits

By removing the middleman and outsourcing content delivery to tens of thousands of individually-run nodes across the globe, we achieve complete decentralization and global dispersion of network architecture.It creates an immense opportunity to bring so-far-unseen efficiency to content delivery. More nodes means shorter distances between users and the source.

No risk to start using NOIA

NOIA serves as an optional layer for content delivery. There is no risk of website performance degradation when starting to use NOIA because of the request fallback mechanism in place. Once NOIA CSL JS library is added to a website, all the incoming requests are firstly handled by the Master Nodes in the NOIA’s network, but if the requested content is not already cached in the network, the request would fallback straight to the original source and the content would be delivered from there. NOIA will never make website visitors wait for delivery if the content requested is not already cached at that exact moment. Instead, NOIA takes the request into account and might cache the content for the upcoming requests (if instructed to so by the Master Node). If so, the content to the next visitor will already be delivered through NOIA Network.

Noia Token

NOIA Network needs a means of payment for its participants and hence will issue its own token – NOIA. NOIA token is a utility token used to transfer value between NOIA’s network participants. The token is also compliant with ERC-20 standards.Businesses that have a demand for content delivery services are the main buyers of NOIA token. 1 NOIA token represents 5 GB of data transfer, where owners of websites or applications can use
it for content delivery services. Exchange rate between NOIA token and amount of data transferred is pegged only during the Initial Coin Offering. For the sake of consistency in price and ability to forecast one’s expenditures for our customers, NOIA services (data transfer pricing) in the future will be denominated in fiat currency. Customers will know exactly how much they’re paying in fiat at all times even if USD/NOIA exchange rate fluctuates.

Budget allocation

Funds raised during the contribution period will be used solely for the development and benefit of NOIA network. A budget has been outlined below, representing a scenario where  soft cap has been reached:

  • 10% – General and Administrative
  • 30% – Development (engineering, R&D, team expansion)
  • 40% – Marketing
  • 15% – Technology
  • 5% – Other
 Miao ZhiCheng – NOIA architect and Blockchain developer

Jonas Simanavicius – CTO

Justinas Valutavicius – Senior CSL developer

Vytautas Jurenas – Quant developer

Danielius Dvareckas – Junior CSL developer

Domas Povilauskas – Business

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