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Nutrilifeio OÜ ICO Review : Nutrilifeio OÜ be “Decentralized Platform”


About Nutrilifeio OÜ

Nutrilifeio OÜ be “Decentralized Platform” where the doctor of the future will treat the human frame by prevents disease throughout Nutrition Therapy screening, assessment, “P2P Services” rendered by nutritionists, dieticians and trainers.

Basic Information

Token Name Nutrilifeio OÜ
Token Symbol NLC
Social Media Nutrilifeio OÜ ICO Review : Nutrilifeio OÜ be "Decentralized Platform"Nutrilifeio OÜ ICO Review : Nutrilifeio OÜ be "Decentralized Platform"Nutrilifeio OÜ ICO Review : Nutrilifeio OÜ be "Decentralized Platform"
Hard cap 50,000 ETH (8,647,000 USD)
Soft cap 9,000 ETH (1,556,460 USD)
Platform Ethereum
Country Estonia
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


NutriLife helps Individuals who need personalized nutrition screening, counseling by using block chain technology to self-govern data, tokens to connect to nutritionists, finding the best foods and moreover… Eating is emotion, its happiness, it’s the thing we do every day. Food safety and good nutrition are the keys to the future of our generation. The more we will have healthy and cool food, the less Nutrilifeio OÜ will have health problems and food waste. Everywhere Nutrilifeio OÜ live, there is the need to have access to a healthy food that can satisfy their taste and health needs.


Malnutrition is the biggest single contributor to child mortality in developing countries;
malnourished children have an impaired ability to fight infection and disease. Children
suffering protein-energy or protein-calorie malnutrition may develop nutritional deficiency diseases such as marasmus or kwashiorkor. Some estimates indicate that 2/3 of children in developing countries suffer from protein-calorie malnutrition. Some deficiency diseases caused by a lack of 1 or more nutrients are very widespread, such as anemia, endemic goiter, and exophthalmia.



Contributing factors for malnutrition may include low purchasing power of poor families, poor harvests due to crop failure, bad weather, food spoilage, pests, or a poor distribution system, or cultural practices that prevent the full utilization of available food resources. The decline in the incidence of breastfeeding in recent decades is a major factor in the malnutrition and ill health of children. The quality of nutrition affects the development of human beings in many ways that are sometimes overlooked, such as physical growth and intellectual development.


Nutrition is vital to health, disease prevention in all age groups, and essential for healthy growth and development of newborns, children and adolescents. Health is received for each level of nutrition services. Nutrition Services include nutrition counseling provided per specific program requirements, basic nutrition education provided in the clinic or in the community one on one or in a group setting, as well as individual or group Nutrition Therapy provided in the clinic.


Nutrilifeio OÜ Token is a new peer to peer block chain based cryptocurrency created to serve as the real digital currency for Nutrilifeio OÜ platform. It’s a coin with wallets for safe keeping and trading utilities besides being an integral part of the Nutrilifeio OÜ platform. For more information, please visit: www.nutrilife.io Nutrilifeio OÜ Token Wallet is an electronic wallet which is used to store the NLC Token credits of any user.


NLC Tokens are stored in the user’s wallet. Every wallet has a unique wallet ID which is can also be mapped with the Eco NutriLife ID of the user. This enables NLC Tokens users to quickly send or receive NLC Tokens for any service rendered or availed using the Eco NutriLife. For general transactional purposes it is also possible for users to send coins using the original Hexadecimal wallet address. NLC Token transactions are initiated by a send command where two datasets are required.


Your data is safe with NLC Token because the data is kept on the block chain network and block chain, by design are Immutable Ledger. NLC Token encrypts your data with SHA-256 encryption technique which is the most advanced encrypting technology in the world. The hash file is created from user’s raw data and is virtually unbreakable. Even if someone breaks it using a very high powered computer, in a hypothetical case, it is technically impossible to get back the original data from the hashed file.



Son Nguyen FOUNDER & CEO
Aris Budi Darmawan CFO

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