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About Oni-x.biz 

Oni-x.biz UK LTD is a fully registered company based in the UK. The company is managed by a team of lawyers, economists, professional analysts, professional stock traders. They have assembled a close-knit team of true professionals who have a real passion for what they do.

Doing what they love is great, but making a business successful is much harder. As one of the most dynamic markets for trading, speculation in the cryptocurrency market brings great benefits, but it also carries great risks.

Oni-x.biz is important to understand how to reduce risk to build your success and this is where valuable trading strategies come in. They use the best time-tested strategies, as well as popular recommendations. The cryptocurrency market allows traders to invest in almost any coin in the world.

There are over 1000 widely traded coins in the world and each currency can be linked to another currency which then floats freely in the market. The use of a wide range of such pairs, the combination of different strategies and compliance with the principles of risk management – all this contributes to the growth of profits.

Basic Information

Min Investment $5.00
Min WithdrawNo limit
Avg. Refer Rate1 Level Refer System 5%
Payment Type
Company TypeHyip
Web I.P178.32.97.175
Company AddressU.K
Company NoNot Found
Payment AcceptedBitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer

Investment Plan Of Oni-x.biz

2.5% Up to 4 Days Min $5 Max $500

3.5% Up to 10 Days Min $100 Max $10000

5% Up to 30 Days Min $100 Max $10000

4000% After 40 Days Min $20 Max $10000

9000% After 70 Days Min $5 Max $100000

200% After 7 Days Min $4000 Max $100000

How It Works

Every day more and more people decide to become part of the exchange sector and to trade stocks. Stocks are part, if not the cornerstone, of almost any investment portfolio. What was once the toy of the rich has now become a means of choice for growing wealth. Today, almost everyone can own shares.

Oni-x.biz  a major institutional investor, they have some advantages that include timely access to privileged information, full-time research departments, large amounts of capital to invest, Commission discounts, transaction fees and even share prices based on the large amount of dollar we invest and more significant experience.

As an institutional client, they receive news and analysis earlier than the public does and can act on information faster. The staff performs a daily audit of completed transactions are closely watching the quotations on the stock exchanges to obtain the highest possible profit.

Today Oni-x.biz  can offer high-quality service for a long term to all who are interested in investing. They strive to build long-term relationships with customers based on trust. And they want investors to stay with us. So they built a business around being on the side of investors and wanting them to invest profitably.

Oni-x.biz Advantage

Universal & Simple

They offer simple, clear and transparent investment conditions with favorable rates.

Automatic Process

Automated platform for working with investors, the most simple and functional to use.


They do not require the publication of any personal data in your personal account and securely protect all your payment details.

Safe & Secure

NewProj investment platform is securely protected by the most advanced encryption protocols and is located on secure dedicated.

Remote Earnings

You receive a profit from your investments already 24 hours after their placement without breaks for holidays and weekends from.

Professional Approach

Professional Management Team. Reliable Investment Plans. Regular payment.

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