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- Advertisement - is an eco-system, which is designed with an idea to simplify company lives. With the advancement of technology, everything has become so easily accessible at the same time everything is so difficult to understand and sync in. A small thing such as parking, which was hardly an issue in the old days, now it is such a rare commodity to find. To find a parking spot is such a frustrating and time-consuming experience these days that people often have to leave the primary task and focus their time and effort on this unnecessarily important task. PARKRES is just about to change that.

Basic Information

Token symbol PRS
Social Media Ico Review: Parking Reservation System . Parkres platform and launch of PARKING Ico Review: Parking Reservation System . Parkres platform and launch of PARKING Ico Review: Parking Reservation System . Parkres platform and launch of PARKING future
Language  English
Token Standard ERC20 (Ethereum)
Tokens Issued 200 000 000 PRS


                                                                            BTC, ETH

Tokens available for ITO 85 000 000 PRS
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PARKRES Business Model

PARKRES’s eco-system comprises of different parts of the platform company offer. Below are the main modules of the PARKRES platform, followed by the business model:


Token System

PRS can be used as a utility token, which will allow a user to use these tokens in the hosted parking locations for discounts, reservations, pre-booking etc. Utility tokens once used on the platform will be burned. This will reduce the number of tokens in circulation in the market creating more demand for tokens over a period of time. Due to this, people who are staking the tokens, as value token instead of spending them will benefit from this growth. PRS can also be used as a value tokens, in which the token holder will receive a dividend when the company releases it. 15% of the company revenue will be allocated towards these tokens. Bonuses will be paid in equivalent ether or PRS.

Challenges with Parking

In today’s world where a car has become a necessity rather than a luxury, parking has become an equally important aspect of day-to-day life. Any place you travel, the first thing to consider is parking apart from a gas station. With the population explosion and more vehicles on the street than ever in the history of a mankind, it is becoming more and more difficult to accommodate the traffic on the street. And so the parking places.

Many times people end up parking in the no-parking zone in case of emergency hospital visits. The patient has to suffer even more. Eventually, it causes further parking issues and adds to the traffic woes around the hospital for other patients and ambulances. It is a vicious circle.

Current Parking Systems

There are different types of parking system installations at different places. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Majority of these parking systems are unman-aged. From figuring out an empty parking spot to reaching the spot on time before someone else takes it, it is a mad race. Most of these parking facilities are pay as you go setups, where you take a ticket from the kiosk while entering the parking area and pay when you leave depending upon the time you use the parking spot for. Three main parking systems in use today are TIBA, Kiosk, and Native. Kiosk is very common and everyone is aware of this system. This is a general system that you would find in any shopping complex, Airports, Train Stations etc. You take a ticket while going in and pay while going out by validating your ticket.

● It takes seconds to perform the transactions.
● Transaction can be done over a mobile, no need to wait at the kiosk or booth for payment.
● No hassle of cash or change.
● No problem of currency exchanges while traveling different countries or on a road trip.
● Transaction can be automated and no need to wait in queue for making payments.

PARKRES – Improved Parking Solution solves all of these problems by state of the art sensory network to track and manage parking spots across the city and different parking locations. It employs IoT based sensory network to track and monitor the parking spots across different parking location and suggest you a parking spot closest to your destination in advance. It will also let you reserve your parking spot beforehand, so you don’t lose it when you reach the destination. Isn’t that revolutionary? Just imagine how much time and money will be saved. No more unnecessary trips in search of a parking spot. PARKRES will also help reduce the traffic situation in the downtown area, which is caused due to the secondary traffic of parking spot hunters. People can avoid going to the areas where there is no parking spot available. Or can pre-book their spot before reaching the destination.

PARKRES System Architecture

The customer operations and front office operations will be made available on all popular devices like iPhone, Android, Windows and over Web. Data will be served over a secured cloud network. The core component consists of IoT sensor modules, which relays events to IoT gateway. IoT gateway aggregates the event and transforms the data into a machine-readable format. With the help of machine learning and data analytics, the system will be able to optimize the parking search over time and provide the most accurate locations in the least time on customer’s devices. Back office operation will be available to support customers 24/7 with any issues or concerns they have regarding their bookings, use of the system, use of consoles, or any other technical difficulties.

Potential Partners sales team will be targeting major parking location like Shopping complexes, Airports, Train Stations, Stadiums, Theaters paid parking’s so that majority of the places will be covered. And then approach small parking locations like Hotels, Apartments, native parking sites. The program will be launched in Canada first and then rest of North America, followed by India, UK, Germany, and so on.


PRS is the official token for ecosystem. Tokens can be used in 2 ways:
● as Utility Tokens and
● as Value tokens.

Utility tokens provide discounted parking rates to the token holders, when they use these token. These tokens will be used to make the payment against parking and reservations. Once the utility tokens are used on the system they will be burned. This will reduce the amount of token in the market over time creating more demand for the PRS token.

Online customer support

The PARKRES online customer support team is ready to deal with any inquiries. The company team of dedicated professionals handles all issues and inconveniences. Support will be accessible online and via mobile, ensuring the necessary communication channels are on offer when required. understand that continuous, high-quality support is the key to success, which is why company prioritize providing the very highest level of client support. Every user spreads the word about their product experience, and company want this word-of-mouth communication to be positive, encouraging more customers to join the community.

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Knowing your customer and anti-money laundering

Anonymous and pseudonymous use of services will not be possible. All users will be requested to provide satisfactory identification, proof of residence and/or other documents necessary to meet all legal requirements. AML modules will be integrated into the payment infrastructure offered by PARK-RES. That said, these measures are not intended to make users’ lives difficult. The goal here is to systematically improve the credibility of currencies as fair and legal means of payment.

Security and audit

To ensure ability to comply with security requirements, The aim to conduct external security audit no less than once per year. The scope of such audit encompasses the entire PARKRES platform.

● Creating a reliable technology platform that has sufficient protection from external threats by design.
● Protection from the human factor through adherence to widely accepted best practice.



AMOL MOZARKAR – Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

KAVITA JANGAM – Business Development Manager and Co-Founder

ARVIND BETALA – Chief Finance Officer

MARUTI THOTA – Full Stack Developer

ROBINSON RENGRAJ – Blockchain Developer

JINCY JOHNSON – Community Manager

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