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Payera.io Ico Review: New Era Of Crypto World Simple Shopping


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About Payera.io

The market for crypto currencies is the most dynamic of Payera.io  time.  Digital  currencies  use  public  accounting  systems to file transactions. They are convinced that the future of the current financial system  will  be  dependent  on  the  development  of  the blockchain  technology  and  on  the  reaction  of  the community.The blockchain can and will, in the view, be used to achieve a really strong, positive development of the financial system.   For quite some time, the team has intensely worked on the  blockchain  technology  and  cryptocurrencies. Payera.io discovered,  that  due  its  strong  volatility  and  high anonymity,  people  do  speculate  more  with  cryptocurrencies than using the coins as a currency.

This is why the idea of PAYERA emerged to use  cryptocurrencies  free  of  worry. Payera.io will create a  secure multifunction‐platform which is going to be easy to operate with.  After they had drawn up the initial  concept , they secured ‐ after  a  brief  presentation‐  interested  partners  and  consultants  and thus  they have  systematically built up the team. In  the process of optimizing the main  product  down  to the  smallest  detail,  something  extraordinary  has emerged:  An  All‐in‐One‐concept  that  enables  Payera.io  to  operate  with even more flexibility in the market.

Basic Information

Token NamePERA
Token Sale1,470,000,000 PERA
Social MediaPayera.io Ico Review: New Era Of Crypto World Simple ShoppingPayera.io Ico Review: New Era Of Crypto World Simple ShoppingPayera.io Ico Review: New Era Of Crypto World Simple ShoppingPayera.io Ico Review: New Era Of Crypto World Simple Shopping
Token Price0.05 USD
Soft Cap————–
Hard Cap————–
CurrencyAcceptedETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


Despite Many Advantages Of Blockchain technology and crypto transactions including extreme speed,low fees and high flexibility,cryptocurrencies are only rarely used as payments.Buyers and Sellers are insecure due to floating rates and complicated application. For this reason,enterprises still use the traditional Fiat Payment system connected to banks and financial institutions.Buyers want the security that transaction with cryptocurrencies provide through a protected trade and and -in case of a problem arises -a guaranteed refund of the payment.


BUYERS  are  protected  against criminals,  as  Payera.io  offer  a  full consumer  protection  for  all transactions  done  through PAYERA.  This  protection includes  all  conventional  goods as  well  as  services.  You  also  have  the  possibility  to  do internal wallet  transactions  free of charge. SELLERS  obtain  the  perfect solution  to  get  established  in the crypto scene and to increase their  proper  sales  volume. Payera.io offer a full protection against volatility  on  the  crypto  market by  offering  an optional  payment in  Fiat  or  the  requested coin. PAYERA also has lower fees and a  shorter  holding  period compared  to  other  systems. Sellers  also  have  the opportunity  to  do  internal wallet  transactions  free  of charge.


Security is Payera.io highest priority. Any threat will be patched and published through the specialists. They will insert a self‐repair‐code in the updates.  They don’t just secure the customers’ data, they also encode and distribute them to redundant servers on various continents to ensure datasecurity and – consistency.  Pareya.io do not pass  on  any data to third parties or for purposes for market analysis.  The verification is  only needed against would‐be criminals.


The Casper-Protocol POS (Proof of Stake) is Pareya.io chosen protocol, especially for cryptoeconomical reasons, due to its many advantages concerning the environment in comparison to the standard proof of work protocol. Ethereum Casper is technologically advanced and superior in comparison to other protocols. They always remain up to date regarding the crypto technologies and only implement the most effective technologies for Payera.io users and PAYERA. Ethereum is one of the most known and most accepted protocols in the crypto world. There are many application possibilities and it has many supporters in the crypto community.

Token Distribution 

70%Token Sale
8%Growth Pool

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MembersAtakan Ali Yildirim – CEO / Co Founder

Masrur Odinaev – CTO / Co Founder

Delia Teran – Marketing Manager & Recruiter

Gian Luca Struth – Head of Marketing

Benjamin Vogt – Head of Design

Daniel Migrov – Developer

Samet Dogan – Project Manager

Matthias Wernig – Marketing Strategist & PR

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This article is writing on 28 May 2018 based on information available online & news portal. If you feel it’s outdated or incorrect, please write here to update it. Mail us: [email protected] Or Whatsapp Us- 918077121282.


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