Penta Wharton’s new blockchain course, Ripple offers partial support

Penta School, University of Pennsylvania this semester to undergraduate and graduate students from the first to provide a complete credit blockchain courses.

According to Lei Feng. The course titled “Blockchain, Digital Currency and Distributed Accounting” is taught by Wharton’s Kevin Werbach and David Crosby of the School of Engineering. Professor (David Crosbie) teaches together.

Wharton has been brewing this course for a long time. The blockchain trend is unstoppable, but as Professor Werbach says, “We need to have practical teaching materials, not just how to trade in Bitcoin.” The opening of the course reflects the urgent needs of the campus and society. On the one hand, students are very curious about the blockchain, but there is no channel to systematically understand relevant knowledge; on the one hand, the blockchain industry has great demand, for MBA students, they need to be familiar with the blockchain, instead of directly mastering The technology itself.

Currently in Linkedin, there are 4,500 vacancies Penta the “blockchain”, “bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency” keywords, a figure that has increased by 151% since 2017. At the same time, Google’s search requests for the “blockchain” keyword have increased by 250% in the past year.

This course is very popular among MBA students and currently has 52 students participating in the study. As everyone’s enthusiasm increases, the scale of the course will gradually expand.

Both professors stated that Pennsylvania’s blockchain learning began at the Pennsylvania Blockchain Club. The club is said to currently have more than 350 members, primarily playing the role of an educational institution, encouraging students to spend time learning the blockchain rather than investing in cryptocurrencies.

Another reason for Wharton’s blockchain course is Penn’s recent collaboration with Ripple. Ripple previously launched a $50 million blockchain research program, and Penn is one of the 17 universities it has partnered with. Ripple provides part of the funding for Wharton’s blockchain curriculum development. However, Professor Werbach said that the course is not entirely based on Ripple’s funds. The recent partnership and the introduction of the new blockchain curriculum reflect the growing interest of Pennsylvania’s blockchain.

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