Pharmeum ICO Review : Pharmeum is the world’s first blockchain-based prescription

About Pharmeum 

Pharmeum is the world’s first blockchain-based prescription platform with AI health analytics, which is currently working alongside the National Health Service (NHS) in England. The Pharmeum platform is an inter-operable, decentralised, digital prescription platform running over an intelligent neural network. Empowering patients’ ownership of their medication history, and enabling affordable access to healthcare globally. Medical errors and late diagnoses are minimised by using a permissioned blockchain integrated with artificial intelligence.

Basic Information

Token Name Pharmeum
Token Symbol PHRM
Social Media Pharmeum ICO Review : Pharmeum is the world's first blockchain-based prescriptionPharmeum ICO Review : Pharmeum is the world's first blockchain-based prescriptionPharmeum ICO Review : Pharmeum is the world's first blockchain-based prescription
Hard cap 6,000,000 USD
Soft cap 1,500,000 USD
Platform Ethereum
Country United Kingdom
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Pharmeum is using the latest private Blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence, to revolutionise the healthcare industry around the patient, and build the healthcare of tomorrow.  Pharmeum is creating an interoperable, trust‐less system to facilitate the transfer of medical prescriptions and recording of medication history.  By putting patients at the centre of the entire healthcare industry, Pharmeum can effectively increase the affordability and access to medication globally. Artificial Intelligence algorithms will be used to build an accurate neural network, to dynamically analyse medical data.

Executive summary

The current healthcare system makes the interaction between your doctor, pharmacy, and health insurance companies highly inefficient. In addition, it costs more for every party, to carry out the proceduresin a slow, inefficient, paper‐based way.  The current infrastructures in place are incapable of transmitting the exact information (e.g. prescriptions / medical data) to every participant involved, in a frictionless manner.



Transparency and trust in the data will be created through a recorded log of every doctor/pharmacy that hasinteracted with the patient. Sending and receiving digital
prescriptionsthrough the Pharmeum platform isfar more comprehensive, fast, and
advanced than any other system currently in use. The main reasons for this are
because of the seamless security of the system, and the multiple features added,
such as increased treatment affordability and AI integration.


Patients are given complete control over their prescription fulfilment, Pharmeum lists all nearby pharmacies, with the varying prices of the medicine. This price transparency improves the affordability of medicine for patients. Pharmeum uses the Blockchain to create an interoperable format for prescriptions, which allows a patient to access and redeem medication at any point in time, anywhere in the world.

Artificial intelligence

The data structure of the Pharmeum Blockchain will be compatible with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve an in‐depth, accurate analysis of any inclinations and patterns of the patient’s medical history. Pharmeum will allow patients to integrate their entire medical history into an advanced neural network.  When unusual patterns occur in your health status, it’s alerted to your doctor and pharmacist, so that they can act accordingly.

Healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is one of the largest industries by size. In the UK alone, the
NHS (National Health Service) processes a substantial 1.1 billion prescriptions a
year. 6 All data projects the industry to grow rapidly over the coming years. In 2018,
Statista projected the global prescription drug spending to reach $1.2 trillion dollars by 2024.7 Everybody is bound to, at one point in their life, contribute to this value. With prescribed medication prices soaring, and the number of drugs increasing, this industry value is growing a fast rate.


There is a lack of interoperability of medical data and prescriptions. Medical data and prescription information that can be recognised as genuine is different in every region. This is due to the multiple different formats of data that are used within the centralized infrastructures. Thisrestrictsthe areasin which you can use your data to receive accurate healthcare. Ultimately, making global health interoperability near impossible with the current technology in use.



Ahmed Ashour COO, CO-FOUNDER

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