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Pingchain organization, today, looks for a solution that helps to monitor and quantify the speed and efciency of the business critical applications to run smoothly and ensure best end-user experience. To save on the valuable productivity time and revenue, organizations are investing in application management software by getting services both on-premises and as-a-service delivery options.

The solution provides you with 360-degree viewof business applications to help resolve performance problem and and root causes before they disrupt critical services. With Pingchain, company intend to provide this solution at a new and dierent level by having blockchain as the backbone of the entire system, just to ensure that decentralization and all the beneits that come with blockchain are adequately maintained.

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The vital offering of Pingchain: 

Database Monitoring and Management:

Provide consistent performance monitoring and management across varied database platforms, helping you reduce administrative costs and improve service levels.
–  Database Monitoring
– Real-time Database Diagnostics
– Database Workload Analysis
– Database Tuning

Virtual Server Management: 

Minimize hardware costs and identify/fix problems faster with deep visibility into VMware ESXi and Hyper-V performance management issues. The solution for virtual server monitoring and capacity management provides powerful virtual infrastructure monitoring, capacity planning.

Problem Statement 

All the benefits customers can derive from application performance monitoring, they still do face the challenge of lack of decentralization in the existing platforms that offer those solutions, hence, the security of the application performance isn’t ensured. This causes customers to lose faith in the results provided by these application performance monitoring platforms because the results they see could have been manipulated just to make
The clients use the solutions recommended by these platforms. With increasing complexity of application
delivery chains, it becomes harder for companies to maintain the performance of their services. Additionally, the number of users increases exponentially, which causes scalability issues for their applications
As seen on the crypto currency exchange markets.Traditionally, it is challenging to monitor the performance of services for all users from all over the world which leads to downtimes.

The First Decentralized Application Performance Monitoring Solution

Pingchain provides a platform to secure your applicationperformance on the blockchain.
We create a base to monitor every service from all over the world with theoretically unlimited number of nodes.
Everybody can now ensure that the monitoring results and reports are trustworthy, The First Decentralized Application Performance Monitoring Solution. independent and transparent, because the Pingchain service runs on the blockchain. Every device can participate in the network and get rewarded by providing their bandwidth to the community. PingCoin (PCX) builds the foundation of the platform and is used as a commodity to run the network.

Benefits From using Pingchain

For a small business, web-based applications are a big boon in terms of providing the much-needed advantage of speed, convenience and cost savings. This convenience also brings about the need for application monitoring; especially for businesses where a large part of the work and transactions are carried out online through web
Web applications function in an ever-changing, dynamic environment. As new applications evolve and move ahead, businesses need to ensure that safety of data, stored and accessed online, is not compromised. Because threats usually outnumber the safety barriers that can be put up, regular and consistent monitoring of applications can be of immense help in containing system break-downs.

Customer Satisfaction 

These functionalities are closely tied-in with your user experience. How easy is your website to navigate? Does it have features that make navigation difficult in terms of locating areas of interest? Are key features immediately accessible or is there a wait time involved where, for example, a visitor needs to click a functionality and wait for it to load before viewing/listening? Several factors inuence end-user experience, and that are tied in to
Application monitoring. Most of these are performance related and can be improved or consistently monitored for glitches:

Page loading time: 

Visitors can quickly lose interest if your page
loading time is high.

Response time:

Anything more than immediate responses can put out  a visitor; unless your website is adding enough value. In such cases, visitors can tolerate waiting time of two to three seconds as well.


If your website is not exhibiting 100% uptime, it can put on a visitor experiencing problems, even if for the first time. Depending on your competitors’ efforts, any downtime can cause visitors and customers to shift loyalties.




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