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Pixelcharity Ico Review : Pixel presents an opportunity to help those in need, without donating money!


About Pixelcharity

Pixelcharity.ico Cryptocurrencies have modified the global financial system, however for most this method is still obscure and risky. Sudden and unpredictable shifts in the exchange rate, turned cryptocurrency from a payment method into a tool used by speculators for their own benefit. Moreover, complex and unreliable exchange system from cryptocurrency into fiat money, discourages potential users, preventing its growth and distillation.

Pixelcharity.ico cryptocurrency which provides new, modern payment tool, being fast, confidential, stable, simple and understandable to everyone!Pixel ensures you will never lose your money due to the fall in the exchange rate, furthermore, you will never again experience difficulties when transferring money back to fiat money.Pixel is a payment mechanism, devoid of all weaknesses of traditional cryptocurrencies. And most importantly, anyone can contribute to charity, without spending their money!

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Basic Information

ICO Dates
  Private sale – 04/19/2018 – 05/05/2018
  Pre-sale 05/05/2018 – 05/05/2018
  Token Sale: 05/28/2018 – 06/30/2018
Total Token
Role Of The TokenCryptocurrency
Initial Token Pricemin 0,75 $ max 1 $
Maximum collection goal:$ 13,500,000
Accepted Currencies


An economic model of PXLT

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is raising day by day. Trading volume of Top 25 crypto assets reached 2.3 trillion dollars only in the first quarter of 2018.Development and upgrowth of ICO projects and speculative nature of most cryptocurrencies influence this index, however, stable coins, like PXL are also able to have positive dynamics, showing that not only they can be used as an investment tool, but also as a payment instrument.

How Did Pixel work?

Pixelcharity.io transfer your desired amount in US dollars using any available payment option to confirm the participation in this project. You will receive the equivalent in Pixel, which will be transferred to your Pixel Wallet at the exchange rate of 1PXL = 1USD. The money received from you will be placed into the deposit of a bank. The interest accrued by the bank on deposits will be transferred to a charitable foundation with a worldwide reputation. Funds on deposit will stay untouched! Representatives of investors who made a purchase of the tokens and representatives of the charity funds will be able to have a constant control over the state of deposit.

Pixelcharity.io All those who contributed the charity project, at any time can quit and exchange their pixels back to dollars at a fixed rate of 1PXL = 1USD. Pixels can be transferred from one participant to another participant, as a whole or in parts. Participation in the project can be either – open or confidential. An exchange rate is always stable, when transferring the number of pixels between clients’ wallets, a transaction fee of 0.05% from the transaction amount is charged.

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Why do you need to invest?

Pixelcharity network will apply a transaction fee of 0.05%* without limitations to the number of transactions of PXL. These funds will be used to support network, private mining clusters, third-party apps developers support and marketing campaigns to promote Pixel Network. PXLT holders will have 10% of network transaction fees as ICO investor dividends. After the end-of-the-year report, all PXLT token holders will receive dividends as ETH or PXL equivalents.If ICO will not reach soft cap, all investors funds will be returned back to the investors in 24 days.



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