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PodMiners Ico Review : Blockchain Platform for Podcasting and Live Radio Streaming



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About PodMiners 

PodMiners is a platform for podcasting and live radio streaming. Based on the blockchain technology, this platform has a lot to offer to the industry. The podcasters or content creators can register and authorize their content as a programmed contract directly to the blockchain. Creators can monetize their content and with these contracts, collection and distribution of the payments remain under the creator’s control.

PodMiners ecosystem allows consumers a consistent experience and access to PodMiners APIs through a developer marketplace. It is a medium of exchange where the creators, consumers, and advertisers can collaborate on the same platform by building a global community.

Token Basic Information

Token Name PodMiners
Token Symbol POMT
Social Media PodMiners Ico Review : Blockchain Platform for Podcasting and Live Radio StreamingPodMiners Ico Review : Blockchain Platform for Podcasting and Live Radio StreamingPodMiners Ico Review : Blockchain Platform for Podcasting and Live Radio Streaming
Pre-sale Price
1 POMT = 0.20 USD
IEO Price
1 POMT = 0.50 USD
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Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


PodMiners vision is to have a transparent product and service ecosystem for the global community with the ability to track the content ownership, reward content creators and end the ad frauds within the advertisement industry. PodMiners is actively working to develop new models to make the podcasting, live radio streaming and ROI on ad spend, even better.


When everyone is busy in their life and has no time for reading long blogs and articles, digital media is seeing good growth. For content creators, creating audio or video content is a good way to reach out to the audience. According to a report, in America, the journalists don’t get enough attention and have to face the scathing cuts. The reason could be content censorability or politics. We all know about the shadow banning and political influence on today’s media. Everyone has their own set of rules based on their own ideology to censor the content.


PodMiners is working to promote freedom of speech by implementing blockchain technology. There will not be any censorship or shadow banning or politics that will hold the content creator from speaking their mind. But that  doesn’t mean people can share anything by copying. The blockchain smart contract and algorithms will be enhanced and made better to check the content ownership.

Blockchain Digital Radio and Podcasting Platform

PodMiners is a digital radio and podcasting platform that allows the content creators, consumers and advertisers to collaborate on a global level. The platform is based on the blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a public ledger that allows everyone to check the data records. The transaction once recorded can not be manipulated. Combining blockchain with podcasting will bring transparency and trust to the ecosystem and solve many problems that exist in the podcast industry.

Social Contributions

PodMiners aims to focus on the women and child empowerment and will come forward for any contribution needed. The PodMiners Organisation also supports the immediate cause like hunger, medical care, and war. We believe that in this growing industry organization has to take the social step when increasing the market share or having profits. With the increasing competition in any industry, every user needs quality services and products but they also care about their contribution they can make for the betterment of society.

  • Awareness programs & seminars for the women to spread knowledge about their health, rights, home-based working and more.
  • To help for food, medical services, clothes in case of immediate cause or disaster.
  • Primary education of the children.
  • Availability of books, uniforms, and other educational material.
  • Practical knowledge of the computer with proper training by professionals.

Product Advantages

Content Creators

This open platform provides opportunity to all the interested people to host their own show. They will get rewarded for the quality of content they deliver. The payments from advertisers to the creators will be direct without any hold from the third party. Creators are free to navigate their career without being dependent on anyone. For example, if anyone wants to pursue their career in music, they can go ahead without any record labels, banks or lawyers.

Content Consumers/ Listeners

The content consumers may get the reward from hosts for sharing their published content. Having an open marketplace to promote the shows will increase the competition among the hosts, which means consumers will get better quality content. Listeners don’t have to pay a heavy annual or monthly subscription fee. With blockchain the micropayments are possible. They can buy a monthly subscription for a valid and small amount.


Highly secure and transparent system for the advertisers. They can deal directly with the creators. It eliminates the chances of frauds as no third party is involved. And with the transparent blockchain implementation fake analytics will no longer exist. No fake bots will hurt your ROI anymore.


POMT is the digital currency of PodMiners ecosystem. The token will be used to perform the internal operations like rewarding the hosts for the quality content they deliver, rewarding listeners for sharing the content or providing feedback to the host, to access the services and products, getting the subscriptions of premium content, managing the advertisement.


Advanced Technology

The implementation of blockchain technology makes the platform more secure, transparent and user-centric. PodMiners advanced algorithms are highly secured with the use of cryptography. With all this, users (creators, consumers & advertisers) have more options to explore and flourish financially.

Content Ownership

The content creator holds the sole ownership for the content that he/she has published on the platform. Making the content available for sharing or download is the creator’s choice.

Live Calling During the Show

PodMiners enables live calling during the live show. No extra hardware or subscription is required for this. The host can easily handle multiple calls during their live show.


With the blockchain implementation, PodMiners will be a secure and transparent ecosystem where all the generated revenues will be distributed fairly. Also, there will be no delay in the payments.

PodMiners Token

PodMiners aims to create a transparent ecosystem for products and services by creating a global community. This open and sustainable platform allows the content creators, consumers and advertisers to collaborate on the same platform. To carry out the internal operations of the ecosystem, the new cryptocurrencyPOMT (PodMiners Token) is introduced.

PodMiners allows the interested people to host their own live or pre-recorded show. Brands or service providers can ask the podcasters to advertise their product and directly make the payments using Ethereum smart contract deployment. POMT is the sole tradable currency within the PodMiners ecosystem.




Anish Chauhan, Co-Founder, Chairman

Avinash Chauhan, Co-Founder, CEO

Manisha Sharma, HR Executive

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