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PowerBrain.Shop® ICO Review : PowerBrain.Shop® is a One-Stop-Artificial-Intelligence-Shop


About PowerBrain.Shop®

PowerBrain.Shop® is a One-Stop-Artificial-Intelligence-Shop providing Blockchain token based modular, standardized and flexible AI PowerBrain™ technology and tools helping businesses across all industries to easily implement high quality AI solutions which optimize their core business processes and support their transformation to more sustainable 21st century businesses. PowerBrain.Shop®’s AI technology helps organisations be more creative, drive new innovations and focus on adding stakeholder and societal value.

Basic Information

Token Name PowerBrain.Shop®
Token Symbol =====
Social Media PowerBrain.Shop® ICO Review : PowerBrain.Shop® is a One-Stop-Artificial-Intelligence-ShopPowerBrain.Shop® ICO Review : PowerBrain.Shop® is a One-Stop-Artificial-Intelligence-ShopPowerBrain.Shop® ICO Review : PowerBrain.Shop® is a One-Stop-Artificial-Intelligence-Shop
Accepting ETH
Restricted countries United States of America
Platform Ethereum
Country Seychelles
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The PowerBrain.Shop® is going to allow AI solution architectures which can run as locally ‘in the edge’ as possible while also enabling centralization of AI computation into private data centers or hosted in 3rd party AI clouds at preferred geographic regions. This allows maximizing data privacy by analyzing and ‘thinking’ at the same place where the actual data is being collected, while helping to minimize and/or balance the cost for AI computing infrastructure in a central AI cloud service and/or at the edge. CAPEX and OPEX Flexibility.


The PowerBrain.Shop® is going to be the leading artificially intelligent software development and consulting organization dedicated to enabling the easy analysis, design, implementation, interfacing, training, limitation and testing of artificially intelligent software ‘brains’ for global deployment across various use cases, public and private sectors. Based on our rapid development approach and shortest time to market, the plethora of supported data interfaces and hosting/cloud providers, various templates for digital brain structures/ types as well as disruptive swarm thinking structures, the ease of use of the middleware.



As the very first of the next generation of AI companies, the PowerBrain.Shop® is going to disruptively create a completely new AI market role called Virtual AI Operator (VAIO) which decouples and/or only loosely couples an AI solution with/from its technical implementation and AI computing hardware system that it is running on. This gives a huge degree of independence to the AI solution user who has a natural interest to free themselves from vendor lock-in. Of course, all data related to a particular AI solution is going to be fully exportable in standardized XML formats so that none of PowerBrain.Shop® customers is ever locked into PowerBrain.Shop®.


In order to boost the productivity and enable selfoptimizing business operations, accelerate
processes and improve flexibility, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming essential as it enables producers to reduce the conversion cost by up to 20%, with up to 70% of this cost reduction resulting from higher productivity of the workforce.In general the Artificial Intelligence Market size is expected to reach $ 19,478 million by 2022, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 45.4% from 2016 to 2022. [13] When
looking into specific markets.

Talent shortage

The obvious result of the growth in AI related business activities is a global lack of sufficiently trained and skilled AI software development experts who are needed by the millions of projects around the world. Various major players in this industry and similar fields start noticing this talent shortage already. At the same time, the currently very high complexity of AI and machine learning application development [Source: 12] prohibits many people, including those from Computer Science related fields, from entering the AI industry, and drives the need for PowerBrain.Shop®’s next Generation AI development environment PB.S-IDE™.

Global survey

In a global survey conducted by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in 2018, amongst 1096 executives and managers from a broad array of producing industries one clear outcome has been that technological innovations alone are not going to fulfill the expectations of AI in industrial operations. Additionally, companies have to consider all necessary AI enablers at an organisational level in order to use the full potential of AI. [Source: 1] As PowerBrain.Shop® offer the ‚One Stop Shop‘ for AI, PowerBrain.Shop® are establishing a global.

Value creation

The Quality of Service (QoS) offered by the PowerBrain.Shop® including the performance of all of PB.S’s AI PowerBrains™ in the field and at data centers is going to be monitored in real time by the PB.S Control Center™. Additionally, the QoS is going to be periodically reported to PowerBrain.Shop® customers and real-time alerts can be configured as well. This way customers can configure and receive alert in case a business process comes to a standstill and its AI PowerBrain™ stops ‘thinking‘ or a field device breaks down with a technical hardware defect and its AI PowerBrain™ no longer provides a ‘ heartbeat‘.



Samuel Staehle CEO
Christian Kramer CTO
Jess Thompson-Hughes CRO

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