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About Prizmbit Exchange

PrizmBit is an exchange that makes transactions with digital assets available to everyone. Thanks to our personalized approach and impeccable service, in 2021 they want to get into the TOP 10 CryptoExchange and create a base of loyal users who will contact us for all operations with cryptocurrencies and recommend us to their friends.

Strong support service is the basis for future success and development of the exchange. They want to build a “people’s” stock exchange and make block and cryptocurrency technologies available to everyone. They are focused on maximum transparency and comprehensibility for the clients. They want to talk to users in their language and see priority in meeting their needs. The development of an exchange is impossible without the involvement of communities and customers, the success of an exchange is a joint success of users and the employees.

Operating Company 

Exchange NamePrizmBit 
Deposit FeeFree
Taker Fees0.20%
Withdraw Fees 0.0005 BTC
Official SiteHomepage

How To  Start With PrizmBit Exchange

To Start Trading With PrizmBit  Exchange Indian Residents First Have To Sign Up For An Account By Following The Steps Below.

Step 1. Click On The “Login/Signup” Link On The Top Right Hand Corner Of The PrizmBit Website.

Step 2. In The Form, Fill In Your First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, Email ID And Password.

Step 3. If You Have A Referral Code, Enter The Code While Creating Your Account.

Step 4. Submit The Form And Wait For An Activation Email To Be Sent To You.

Step 5. Click On The “Confirm Email” Link In The Activation Email.

Step 6. After Your Account Is Activated, You’ll Be Sent A 6 Digit One Time Password (OTP), Which You Have To Enter After Logging Into Your PrizmBit Exchange.

PrizmBit Trading fees

Every time you place an order, the exchange charges you a trading fee. The trading fee is normally a percentage of the value of the trade order. Normally, exchanges distinguishes between takers and makers. Takers are the one who “take” an existing order from the order book. Makers are the ones who add orders to the order book, thereby making liquidity at the platform.

Prizmbit Exchange fee for takers is 0.20%. These taker fees are somewhat above the global industry averages for centralized exchanges. Industry averages have historically been around 0.20-0.25% but we now see new industry averages emerging around 0.10%-0.15%.

However, this exchange does not charge any fees for makers, thus promoting the liquidity at the exchange. This is a very strong part of PrizmBit’s offering and can be really helpful for people interested in not picking up existing orders from the orderbook.

PrizmBit Withdrawal fees

PrizmBit charges a withdrawal fee of 0.0005 BTC per BTC-withdrawal. This fee is in line with industry average, or even slightly below. The current global industry average according to the studies is around 0.0006 BTC per BTC-withdrawal.

Top-up limits

All funds sent less than the established replenishment limit are voluntary donations to test the correct operation of the minimum limits and do not accumulate.

Finiko FNKNo10 FNKMax 1000000 FNKMin 15 FNKMax 10000 FNK36
Tron TRXNo1 TRXMax 1000000 TRXMin 10 TRXMax 100000 TRX315
Ethereum ETHNoMin 0.007 ETHMax 0.007 ETH+ 0.007 ETHMin 0.001 ETHMax 100000 ETHMin 0.02 ETHMax 100000 ETH315
Bitcoin BTCNoMin 0.0005 BTCMax 0.0005 BTC+ 0.0005 BTCMin 0.001 BTCMax 100000 BTCMin 0.001 BTCMax 100000 BTC16
Prizm PZM20 PZMMin 20 PZMMax 20 PZM+ 20 PZMMin 20 PZMMax 1000000 PZMMin 20 PZMMax 10000000 PZM615
Tether USDTNoMin 15 USDTMax 15 USDT+ 15 USDTMin 10 USDTMax 100000 USDTMin 20 USDTMax 100000 USDT315
Minter BIPNo20 BIPMax 10000000 BIPMin 100 BIPMax 100000 BIP315
Quant QNTNo0.1 QNTNoMax 100000 QNT315
WAY-F coin WAYFNo0.001 WAYFMin 5 WAYFMax 100000 WAYFMin 0.1 WAYFMax 1000 WAYF310
FreeTON TONNo1 TONMin 1 TONMax 1000000 TONMin 10 TONMax 100000 TON310
eGOLD EGOLDNo2%Min 0.1 EGOLDMax 20 EGOLDMax 1000000 EGOLDMin 5 EGOLDMax 100000 EGOLD1060

PrizmBit Values

  • Openness;
  • Transparency;
  • Fairness;
  • People’s trust;
  • Aspiration for development;
  • Democracy (universal participation), importance and value of the clients’ opinion.

PrizmBit Goals:

  • To become an exchange in the TOP 10.
  • Develop PrizmBit community.
  • Conquer new markets (expanding the range of clients, expanding the range of services).

Vectors of Development:

  • To make a blockchain accessible and understandable for every user.
  • To give everyone the opportunity to take advantage of the technology. Blockchain eliminates corruption, intermediaries, builds direct “horizontal” connections between people, helps to reduce the gap between power and people, rich and poor.
  • To avoid fixation on the job only with cryptocurrency Prizm.
  • Grow up to 250 times (ambitious plans) – a growing market and an ocean of opportunities.
  • Introduce products and tools based on “new trust”.
  • Develop the PrizmBit site as an ecosystem.

PrizmBit Mobile Support

Most crypto traders feel that desktop give the best conditions for their trading. Prizmbit Exchange computer has a bigger screen, and on bigger screens, more of the crucial information that most traders base their trading decisions on can be viewed at the same time. The trading chart will also be easier to display. However, not all crypto investors require desktops for their trading. Some prefer to do their crypto trading via their mobile phone. If you are one of those traders, you’ll be happy to learn that PrizmBit’s trading platform is also available as an app for both iPhones and Android phones.

Why Choose PrizmBit


 Large selection of pairs, strict token selection. 100% Reserve & Auditable, TradingView & Regular Charts.


Profit. Passive income due to POS-mining. Daily reinvestment. 2-level referral program.

Flex interface. 

Prizmbit Exchange Organize your tradespace according to your needs: compose your layout, choose between themes, set up notifications and data preferences.

Compatible API. 

You can connect trading robots and terminals created by others with zero problems.


Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website. So Please take care of your investments. and be in the safety site and avoid much losing online.


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