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About is a leading Ad-Tech platform that generates top performing solutions for app developers across the Mobile Marketing sphere. They possess a wide range of sources providing only high quality CPI/CPA traffic in order to take care of your apps and help you to reach more customers globally in Mobile Web and In-App Advertising. Reach out to the right users quickly and easily no matter where, when and how they surf. Pykoo gives advertisers full access to the world’s top publishers, high-end targeting and optimization tools. Deliver your message to those who are willing to hear it, and raise your sales and brand awareness to a new level.

Quick Facts About Affiliate Network

Commission TypeCPA, CPI
Number of Offers700+
Payment MethodWire, PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney
Min Payments$100
Payment FrequencyNet-30
Referral Commission RateN/A
Tracking SoftwareORANGEAR
Social SupportYes
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How To Start Earn Passive Income From Affiliate Network

Step By Step Guide

First Sign Up

If You Want Earn Passive Commission From Affiliates Network Program Than First You Need To Sign Up At

Start Advertise

Once Your Id Approved By Team Than You Gain Full Access To Affiliate Dashboard Where You Can Choose From A Wide Range Of Marketing Tools Specially Designed To Generate Traffic And Boost Your Conversion Rates.

Start Earn Passive Revenue

Now You Can Start Earning Money! Affiliates Provides You The Tools You Need To Succeed. Use All Of The Available Resources Provided To Scale Out Your Campaigns.


  • Global userflow
  • Easy reporting
  • Lots of international campaigns
  • 24/7 365 support
  • Fast payouts

Turn Your Goals Reality Working with traffic has never been so simple! Pykoo provides brands with a well-tuned mechanism to implement their media strategies and engage the most motivated and interested audiences. At the same time, webmasters get a stand alone opportunity to multiply their incomes by monetizing their traffic in the most profitable way. All that with just a few clicks.


  • With us, you’ll get:
  • Market your mobile app with reasonable prices.
  • Reach more qualified online consumers.
  • Get more sophisticated targeting to reach your audience.
  • Acquire real users by getting top global publishers.
  • Reach your customers by different criteria’s.
  • Economize your budget.
  • Promote your app with actual installs.
  • Get real traffic with our promotional campaigns.
  • Have a full reporting and support.


  • With us, you’ll get:
  • Connecting with top merchants in different parts of the world.
  • Advertisement content and high earnings.
  • Multi-platform campaigns.
  • Smart monitoring tools and statistics analysis.
  • Hundreds of high-converting campaigns.
  • Fast tracking and reporting.
  • Optimized creative ad-serving modules.
  • On-time high payouts.
  • Recurring affiliate referral commissions.
  • 24/7 365 online support.

Benefits Advertisers use our technology to dive deeper into their data and gain greater insights on how customers convert. Our platform enables you to:

  • Unlock your conversion funnel and optimise different Publisher channels
  • Optionally integrate & activate Publisher technologies
  • Mitigate the impacts of Apple ITP and Firefox Tracking Protection with 1st party cookies
  • Capture data across all data points, journeys events and devices
  • Build commission strategies based on any metric such as basket contents, voucher codes and many more
  • Use our attribution modelling to unlock a deep understanding of how different channels interact with your Publishers

They also offer:

  • A Controlled Data Exchange ensures you only share the right data with the right partners. We don’t profile and resell your customer data.
  • Fast, simple setup
  • One click integrations with your Tag Management Partner such as Google Tag Manager & Ensighten
  • Secure & robust platform tried & tested across our global Advertiser network
  • An approach to data protection that is governed by our client’s obligations to their customers as well as strict regulation
  • API Integrations with 3rd Party attribution providers

Key Points

  • Ensure tags are added to any separate mobile sites
  • Ensure conversion tracking is added mobile apps, see Mobile App Tracking
  • Sale/Conversion confirmation tags must activate every time the post conversion thank you page loads (even if the user leaves the site and returns later on) to ensure multi-session conversions can be recorded
  • Publishers’ sales are tracked within the conversion window/cookie duration
  • Ensure you provide Optimise with any campaign analytics codes (eg. utm_source) or unique URLs
  • If you are running your campaign with more than one affiliate network you should notify Optimise of the channel to which the conversion has been attributed
  • If you are using Google Analytics see important information on campaign timeout settings.
  • Ensure your setup mitigates the impact of Apple ITP & Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection
  • In the interest of security, we recommend that the Universal tags should not normally be added to any payment details’ pages


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