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QCoin ICO Review : QCoin and Quantum1Net is to create a digital financial system


About QCoin 

QCoin and Quantum1Net is to create a digital financial system that uses networking as an underlying value, just like the internet works in the sense that everyday internet networking creates value for ISPs, Online Merchants and others. As an overlaying network based on the Internet with blockchain technology and Quantum Protection can be decentralized, truthful, transparent and free of intermediaries.

Basic Information

Token Name QCoin
Token Symbol =====
Social Media QCoin ICO Review : QCoin and Quantum1Net is to create a digital financial system
Accepting ETH,BTC, LTC, FIAT
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Platform Own Blockchain
Country Spain
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Network root

This is the root of the network status messages needed to calculate the network state. Each participating node broadcasts their contributed work to the peers in the network once per block. This is stored in a trie tree structure (Trie) similar to the node state and is ordered by node-id (wallet address). For each block this data is validated by the minting node and the verifying nodes. The signed data in the previous block is used to calculate and track the committed proof of contribution to the network.


This is a transaction in which a user pays for and set up an encrypted tunnel to any node in the network. Before the network transaction is sent to the blockchain the two nodes will negotiate a fee. On top of the normal monetary transaction, the data portion of the transaction is filled by the client with a challenge to be used to set up the session key for the session. This is then countersigned by the server and then signed by the minter.


Double spending

Double spending is where an attacker uses the same previously spent transaction by using the output of a previous transaction. To protect against double spending Each account has a globally accessible nonce which prevents samechain replay attacks and double spends.
The nonce is the sequence number, which minters check because a block that has a transaction with an incorrect nonce is an invalid block (other minters or nodes won’t build on top of it). This is a proven way to counter double spend by second-generation blockchains and is described in depth in several papers.

Detection of fraudulent

By tallying up the claimed proof of work by the nodes every node also keeps a record of how much data it has received from each peered node in the network. If a node sees a discrepancy of the reported work by any other node and the network traffic seen as part of the whole traffic the node should make a proposal to vote the node off the network. If a majority of peers in the network sees a similar discrepancy the node is kicked out the network and the tokens staked are added to the coinbase transaction of the next block.

Minting selection

In the q1n chain, three minter’s are selected through a pseudo random process with a proportional distribution of minter success proportional to the network transmission they have provided in the last minted block. This way running nodes in the network will be rewarded by coins similar to traditional mining but instead of contributing hash power the nodes contribute network transaction power. The three minters who gets the right to mint the next block are calculated by all nodes based on the previous block by the following formula.


Blockchain are private of public data sets that are loosely connected to the main chain every number of blocks from the main transaction chain to facilitate logs and receipts and is intended to be handled by separate singing servers that reports the completed blocks to the master nodes. data sets or blockchains, signed by a service holder and used to support their specific service. For instance, a service provider on the network can choose to only sign transactions for a specific chain id.

Market Place

Market Place Each Node contains its own Market Place it is like a “Webshop” included in the Node. It can be activated by the Node Holder and be used to sell minted Q-Coins, as hard copies of Q-Coins for cash, receive payment in other crypto’s, you can even add in a PayPal or Stripe account and charge with cards.



Mattias Bergstrom CEO
Torkel Lindstrom HEAD OF PRODUCT

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