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Qredit ICO Review : Decentralized Payment Gateway For Merchants And Consumers


About Qredit 

Qredit is an easy to use decentralized payment gateway for merchants and consumers. With the desktop and mobile wallets allow merchants to receive cryptocurrency payments with the option to convert their cryptocurrency funds directly to fiat currency.

Basic Information

Token Name Qredit
Token Symbol XQR
Social Media Qredit ICO Review : Decentralized Payment Gateway For Merchants And ConsumersQredit ICO Review : Decentralized Payment Gateway For Merchants And Consumers
Soft cap 100,000 USD
Hard cap 7,012,470 USD
Token for sale 700,000,000 XQR
Country Netherlands
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Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The problem

At the beginning of the Bitcoin and ICO era many people thought that the blockchain was meant for tech people, big enterprises and huge investors. All talk about Bitcoin during
family meet-ups. You hear about it at work or at school. But not everyone is able to enter
this world easily or knows how to make use of the Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Crypto currencies can be really complex for the end-users. Merchants are anxious to use crypto currencies in their store because of the market volatility or the risk of accepting.


Aim to drive adoption of the traditional payment methods for merchants by providing them a way to receive fiat currency directly from cryptocurrency buyers, shielding the merchant from market volatility and decreasing the risk of accepting cryptocurrency. By involving physical cards and mobile apps, will enable the possibility for non-tech users to participate easier in the world of the cryptocurrency. Anyone can access the blockchain. With anyone mean friends, families, local companies, one-man businesses and all people, young and older.


Qredit card

The Qredit Card is a NFC card with your address and the URL which communicates with the apps for Qredit. The Qredit Card is a NFC card with the following specifications: NTAG216
13,56MHz and 924 bytes of data. The Qredit Cards will be used to receive Qredit coins from merchants or from private sellers. Coins on the Qredit platform can also be send to the
same address as the Qredit public address. The Qredit Card can be used for trading, buying and selling items by using the app that is connected to the Qredit Card. The app will be available for at least all Windows, Linux and Android users.

Hodler enterprises

Hodler Enterprises is a team that has plunged into the depths of the cryptocurrency world in good and bad times, in order to carefully name and map all good and bad aspects of this uprising phenomenon, in order to guide their clients towards a successful and profitable future. Hodler Enterprises is dedicated to supervise and advise its client to meet and even exceed all their wishes, regarding participation in cryptocurrency. Hodler Enterprises started in early 2017 by building and offering mining rigs and hardware to its client.


Intend to participate in all kinds of products in the cryptocurrency world for example by building mining farms, setting up mining pools, creating trading groups and many more products and services. final goal is to create a coin which can be used by people that do not have enough experience to participate in cryptocurrencies. The development of Qredit will grow over time and the show goes on after the release of the coins. Qredit will be developed further after Q4 2018 in order to implement it in additional 3rd party payment gateways or hardware wallets.



Nayiem Willems Founder & CEO

Javed Mohammad Managing Director

Marco Valize Web Developer

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