Quantor Ico Review: Quantitative Investment In Decentralized Economy

About Quantor Ico

Quantor platform works successfully, providing access to online courses and materials to users from different countries. The project is a finalist for EdCrunch 2016 Pitch.Competition, Moscow, a participant of the First International Conference of Sberbank More than learning: training of the digital world leaders and a participant in the pre-accelerator program of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund. The project is included in the program of support for start-ups of Amazon – AWS Activate.

Organizational and legal structures of the platform and ecosystem of Quantor will be developed with the participation of professional lawyers and experts. The parent company of the project will be registered, and the Quant (QNT) utility tokens will be issued in the jurisdiction of one of the countries supporting the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. The platform will be developed in cooperation with brokerage and management companies, as well as exchanges, which will allow their needs to be taken into account, and in the future – Quantor services to be offered to their audience.

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Quant (QNT) tokens will be issued in order to create an efficient economy of the Quantor ecosystem facilitating the development of the project and a blockchain community that establishes transparent and fair relations between all ecosystem participants – experts, quants, investors, the Quantor team, and partners. Owners of tokens will be able to actively participate in the work and development of the ecosystem. Holders of Quant tokens will receive an access to various services and capabilities of the platform, depending on the number of tokens owned by the user. The Quantor platform token – Quant (QNT) – will be the mean of exchange in the platform ecosystem and will be in free circulation on the platform, providing experts, quants, and investors with a variety of opportunities to interact and collaborate.

Token Distribution

Placing on the market: 69%
Quantor team and founders: 23%
Advisors and experts: 6%
campaign and promotion: 2%

The funds from the sale of tokens of the Quantor platform will be directed to the development of the platform with additional content and services, payment for legal and consulting services to support pre-sales and token-sales, marketing campaign, entry into and promotion to international markets, support of quants and teams that will create products on the platform the motivation of the Quantor team, as well as possible license and partner deductions. A part of the funds can be reserved for possible legal cases. The opportunity to sell out of issued tokens will be limited for a certain (lockup) period, which may depend on the time of receipt or purchase of tokens and the number of received or purchased tokens, but no more than 12 months from the date of receipt or purchase.



  • Commission for each training course, webinar, individual consultations sold on the platform.
  • Commissions from sales of ready-to-use tools, licenses, publications, researchers, books.
  • Payment for the service when funds are raised and transferred from a number of individual retail investors under management by trading algorithms.
  • Commission for asset management using trading algorithms created on the platform and selected by investors to use.
  • In the future, it is possible to receive part of the commission of brokerage companies and cryptocurrency exchanges for transactions made by users of Quantor platform.


A subscription model can be used with payment for a month, a quarter, six months, a year. In this case, flexible subscription plans will be provided depending on the user’s activity. The implementation of the subscription model requires a significant amount of high-quality content on the platform. To do this, quants and industry experts, able to generate the necessary amount of high-quality content from their materials, will be actively involved in the Quantor ecosystem.

Additional income

  • as a result of sales of proprietary Quantor training courses.
  • as a result of the service provided to the experts for designing and posting of their training materials on the platform.
  • in the future – by managing its own hedge (crypto) fund.
  • trading algorithm ratings.
  • products for monitoring the status of portfolios.
  • indexes and portfolios of the best algorithms.
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The Quantor will also allow its users to earn a profit commission for products and users’ solutions sold on the platform, publications of materials and posts, blogging, the attraction of new users to the platform. When a certain status is reached, the user can also receive a cashback for a part of the transaction costs.

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Some solutions, such as the technology of analysis, rating, and selection of investment algorithms,
which play an important role in the Quantor marketplace, will be developed using own resources,
while others can be developed and purchased for use on the platform. In the process of development, an ecosystem will be formed, including various solutions and technologies for interaction necessary for users.

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The training system of specialists in investment fintech-segment is only being formed in the world. Some educational programs, including those in well-known universities, exchanges, training programs of some investment companies, as well as independent educational projects are appearing. A significant weakness of the existing social trading platforms is the presence of many inexperienced traders who receive temporary positive results, raising investors’ capital. The Quantor open to investors, bear risks of accumulating of inefficient and high risky trading strategies based on random factors. Such platforms allow non-professional investors to provide funds under management to unqualified traders whose positive trading performance are of an occasional and short-term nature.


Quantor is an international ecosystem that combines an online training platform and a marketplace of investment algorithms and solutions for the cryptocurrency and fiat markets, which allows the knowledge and skills of investment industry experts and developers of investment algorithms and applications to be effectively introduced into the economic turnover. Quantor spreads knowledge and technologies of classical financial markets and machine learning to the market of cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions, combining the long-term financial experience of the team with new blockchain technologies and the developing cryptocurrency market.


The main motivation for experts providing their educational content on the Quantor is a mechanism for coordinating their interests with the possibility to provide maximum accessibility of courses for users-quants on the platform. One of the solutions is the provision by the platform or teacher of the opportunity to the quant to take courses without payment or at a discount in exchange for gaining as part of the future quant’s profit based on using trading algorithms in asset management. Another a solution may be a provision of funds from an investor of resources to a quant for training in exchange for the quant’s commitment to recompense these expenses from revenues from future use of his trading algorithms.






Organizational and legal structures of the platform and ecosystem of Quantor will be developed with the participation of professional lawyers and experts. The parent company of the project will be registered, and the Quant (QNT) utility tokens will be issued in the jurisdiction of one of the countries supporting the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. The final choice can be made by the time the presale or token-sale is held. Following the results of conducting a token-sale, affiliated and operating companies may be registered in different jurisdictions depending on the possibilities of development in prospective markets.

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