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About the first quantum safe ecosystem and security token Launchpad with the professional exchange platform allowing STO/ICO projects to fundraise rapidly amongst accredited and non-accredited investors. Operations based on dedicated STO blockchain designed for investment and custodian institutions. The chain is a safeguard for any other crypto market ecosystems from quantum terminal attacks; all exchange operations and user balances to be recoreded on chain. The day when the first quantum computer will connect a cryptocurrency’s blockchain is coming therefore the cryptocurrency market need a respective protection. is the blockchain of the blockchains — protocol recording logs of everything going on the STO exchange and Token lifecycle transactions if launched on the Quube platform. The blockchain differentiates by encapsulating the public key details and adopt LIBOQS coding preferences avoiding quantum attack. QRP Token is a collateral and tickets for the STO/IEO campaigns. QRP is fuel to maintain the ecosystem of exchange and the dedicated STO blockchain.

Basic Information

Token SymbolQRP
Social ICO Review : First Quantum Resistant Exchange And ICO Review : First Quantum Resistant Exchange And ICO Review : First Quantum Resistant Exchange And Blockchain
Soft cap
5,000,000 USD
Hard cap87,500,000 USD
Tokens for sale
175,000,000 QRP
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Cryptocurrency exchanges market overview

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where participants of cryptocurrency market are able to buy and sell crypto assets at the set rate. In Cryptocurrency exchanges are suitable for trading like stock exchanges allowing earning a profit on currency fluctuation. Cryptocurrency volatility is much higher than stock market fluctuation therefore chances of traders to achieve large profit in short order are several times higher. Traders, miners, investors and other people who need exchange fiat currency into crypto one and vice verse use cryptocurrency exchanges either for earning profits or for exchanging their funds into necessary currencie (fiat or crypto).

How do cryptocurrency exchanges earn profits

The principles of fee charging and forming are generally the same for all platforms but fee amount is established individually by a particular exchange. The main fee types established by cryptocurrency exchanges are the following:

  • Deposit fee. The trading authority establishes fees for depositing funds into trading accounts. The fee directly depends on the amount of depositing money. Consequently, the more deposits are the less fee percent is.
  • Withdrawal fee. Those fees are established by particular platforms and depend on the client’s status taking into account deposit and withdrawal amounts.
  • Trading fee. The trading authority gets particular amount of money for trading operations maintenance. The fee amount is from 0.00% to 0.25% of the transaction volume and also depends on the client’s status.
  • Lack of trading activity fee. This fee is charged only by particular exchanges. When you have made no trading operations during the time period defined in the agreement between you and exchange, particular percent of deposit is allowed being charged.

Key risks of cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Risks of cryptocurrencies using. High volatility of rates.
  • Investment risks that lie in wrong crypto fund management.
  • Market risks. Clients amount decreasing.
  • Political risks connected with state regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Technical and technological risks.

The main types of crypto wallets

  • Hardware wallets (Ledger, Trezor, KeepKey, Cool Wallet, Digital Box). Those devises provide local private keys generating excluding possibility of their transferring anywhere. Special protected chips are used for the system protection from cracks and software viruses. Transactions are confirmed by PIN and special mnemonic phrase is generated for access restoration to a wallet.
  • Paper crypto wallets. are public Bitcoin addresses and private keys printed in the form of QR code and a combination of numbers and letters. The wallets are generated on special services.

Quantum computers abilities

A quantum computer is a machine that is capable for information processing with integral components according to the laws of quantum mechanics. The idea of quantum computer creation was suggested by Richard Feynman, Nobel laureate. understood that quantum mechanics is hardly modeled on traditional computers. This idea tended to be quantum technologies revolution trigger in retrospect. The revolution takes place nowadays. Feynman worked out a theoretical model of quantum computer as a way of problem solving. Quantum machine is perfectly suitable for imitating itself. Thus, there exist some problems when the laws of quantum mechanics have computing advantages over the traditional laws.

Computing development opportunities

Breakthrough potential of quantum computing attracts attention and significant investments from industrial branches and governments all over the world despite the fact that a universal quantum computer is expected to be far away from commercial using for several years. The international company Atos involved into the informational technologies services, showed the technological landscape and factors having impact on business. company insists that quantum computation has been regarded as a new technology since 2018 and its impact would be limited by transformation.

Impact of quantum computers on cryptocurrency exchanges

Most of attacks came from trading platform clients’ negligence. Owners of hacked accounts did not use two-factor authentication and every fifth victim of 720 hacked ones used password of less than 8 symbols. The analytics examined 19 exchanges and indicated that no one guarantees 100-percent protection of traders’ confidential data. At least five trading platforms had targeted hacker attacks 23. Cryptocurrency exchanges are still ones of the main targets of cybercriminals but according to IB-company Veracode, which is specialized on applications security, the problem also lies in holes existing in platforms security. administration of trading platforms has no responsibility towards traders.




Jonathan Austin, QUUBE PRESIDENT

Enzo, CEO

Anthony H.K. Lai, Ca, CFO

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