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RadJav ICO Review : RadJav Allows Developers To Create Native Multiplatform Applications


About RadJav 

RadJav allows developers to create native multiplatform applications quickly and easily with nearly the same look, code, and performance across Windows, Linux*, Mac OSX*, and HTML5. Within the same environment developers can send and receive funds over it’s built-in blockchain using XRJ coins. Coming soon, developers will also be able to execute smart contracts and host their applications on it’s decentralized datacenter.

Basic Information

Token Name RadJav
Token Symbol XRJ
Social Media RadJav ICO Review : RadJav allows developers to create native multiplatform applicationsRadJav ICO Review : RadJav allows developers to create native multiplatform applications
Platform =====
Token for sale 80,000,000 XRJ
Restricted countries No restrictions
Country United States of America
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The same team know and work from a common platform is incredibly beneficial, as they can help each other and work more fluidly with one another. It removes the need for each developer to have to work around how the other’s system was designed. Developers are also not bound to using solely one operating system, like the .NET framework. Additionally, they are not required to download multiple libraries, then learn how to use them and make them work with the other libraries they wish to use, like with .NET and Java.


RadJav firmly believe the future is in blockchain technology, and business model revolves around delivering solutions around three big problems: increase the ease and timeliness of developing Apps and Dapps; increase security, and; dramatically improve transaction speeds and scaling efficiencies. For the next two years we will be mostly focusing on developing Blockchain V2 (XRJV2) and Blockchain V3 (XRJV3).



One of RadJav’s core missions is to make it much easier on the developers to quickly develop Dapps and apps by making libraries as developer-friendly as possible while providing them with a platform that takes care of security, extensibility, portability, and high throughput performance. RadJav is built to be modular and flexible, giving developers the freedom to create their own themes, use their own 3D engines, create additional libraries for RadJav, and much more.


Every other programming language and software development platform available today, the community has a say in the development of the platform. Since RadJav are going to be receiving a fractional amount of coinsfrom every block mined, do not have to rely on large corporations to give us money or charge exorbitant service or licensing fees in order to continue working on the project.


A GUI application is your typical desktop application. RadJav applications can be coded using all the common GUI objects such as textboxes, buttons, lists, combo boxes, etc. It’s also been designed in a way where themes can be added to the developer’s GUI application. The HTML5 version of RadJav allows GUI applications to be embedded into already existing HTML, allowing for a seamless transition. On desktop machines, RadJav uses wxWidgets, while on HTML5 it uses Dojo.


RadJav would give game developers the chance to create either 2D or 3D games. RadJav will utilize a built-in 3D engine, using Ogre 3D on desktop, and Three.js on HTML5. Additionally, RadJav has been designed so different 3D engines can be used, instead of the ones included. RadJav’s game development tools also gives developers access to the user’s GPU giving them access to massive amounts of computational power.


The decentralized datacenter will allow RadJav applications to be executed for a fee given to the machine executing the application. Due to the complexity of the decentralized datacenter, it will release in three versions, V1, V2, and V3. As of July 2017, Blockchain V1 (XRJV1) is currently running and accessible by coding with RadJav, using the XRJV1 GUI wallet, or the XRJV1 Electrum Wallet. Any type of RadJav application can access the blockchain and the decentralized datacenter.




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