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Creating the world’s first worldwide case database on how to use cloud computing like AWS, Azure, GCP and so on. Its impact will be similar to the born of Open Source software and GitHub.

f you are involved in service development or management, this is what you have been waiting for. will be providing special knowledge in order to raise to a higher level the ability of planners and engineering teams to make dreams a reality. This special knowledge — the final linchpin in service development — is cloud design, which will revolutionize the process of IT infrastructure construction.

The world of software development, which constitutes 50% of service-development processes, has been innovated by super-tools like GitHub, a service with 28 million users. Now, are about to transform the remaining 50% with cloud design. Infrastructure is a field where, in spite of the potential for fatal information leaks and for opportunity-loss risks, the information that is necessary has not been disclosed sufficiently. will be sharing with people around the world superior-quality cloud designs that until now only some people have been able to find out about, we will thereby make the world a place where creators can successfully work together to build a variety of services, and where people can use those services without risk.

Basic Information

Token Symbol====
Social Ico Review : Make you a super creator by Cloud Computing
Token For Price1 RDT = 0.001ETH
Soft Cap4,000ETH
Hard CAp625,000ETH
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A rewards system that rewards creators’ efforts

If the more than 18,000 new domains that are registered on a daily basis[1] all ran on some kind of cloud service, there is the potential for more than 6.0 million cloud designs per year to come into being for the construction of the services that will run on those domains. They look upon these designs as constituting precious wisdom of the human race, and we will be collecting them in a continuous fashion by providing a sufficient amount of rewards (i.e., tokens).

By registering their designs on reindeer, creators will obtain rewards, which they will be able to use to obtain help from other engineers or planners or from others in the token community. We expect our rewards mechanism to raise to a higher level the ability of planners and engineers to make services a reality.

Free expertise on using the cloud

If, for example, you are going to be incorporating online customer support using AI into the services that you offer, what cloud services will you need to combine? And what are the market prices for those services?

The open data provided for free by reindeer will answer these questions. Using unique design-evaluation and search algorithms, we will provide creators with designs that are of true value to them, actual designs rather than simply catalogs that get recommended for advertising purposes or abstract design patterns.

A never before seen platform

CDML, a revolutionary design language

They are putting together a completely new design language — CDML (Cloud Design Markup Language) — for expressing cloud designs. While CDML is revolutionary for the fact that it will be a user-centered design language that expresses service users in detail, people will be able to use it with minimum learning cost so as to extend existing languages such as Cloud Formation.

The “reindeer token,” made possible by blockchain

A token issuance and distribution system made feasible by blockchain technology will firmly support the providing of rewards to creators as well as the use of that rewards. The stable generation and transparent distribution of rewards that this token will make possible are precisely the key to enabling cloud design distribution, in the form of open data, that is not at the mercy of interests or advertising intentions.

A workflow system that is fit for organizational challenges

Although reindeer is a service that is aimed at all individuals, it is also fit for the organizational challenges — such as coordination among parties and quality audits — that arise in the service-development process at corporations. That’s because we know that most superior-quality designs lie dormant inside organizations such as corporate IT departments. So we will be building a world where precious designs hidden away inside such organizations are brought into the light of day, and where the knowledge in them can be put to use by all people.

$300 billion-plus market

A $300 billion-plus market

The cloud-computing market is forecast to surpass earlier predictions and grow to reach more than $300 billion in 2021. In that market, they will play the important role in order to let people know how to combine cloud computing services correctly without being caught by single vendor or service. This is a role that can only be played by us, because we will be providing open data from an independent standpoint, and this role will contribute directly to the healthy development of the market itself.

Eradicating serious accidents

Our independent position in communicating the right way to use cloud computing by means of superior-quality cloud designs will have the power to eradicate from the world serious incidents such as the leaking of personal information on more than 100 million households in the US and leaks of government information.

The difficulties of cloud computing, a field in which even professionals make mistakes, are an inevitable byproduct of the introduction of microservices, which can be combined to unleash infinite possibilities. In the future, for as long as this growth and the boundless proliferation of functions continue, presence will undoubtedly be felt more and more.

Strong Aspiration

The mission is to make the world a place where all people can become the creators of services. In the same way that the evolution of web surfers into bloggers and YouTubers made the world a more interesting place, we believe that the world will be richer and more interesting if an even greater number of people with wonderful ideas evolve into service creators.

And in a world full of service creators, it may be that, as Jeremy Rifkin predicted in “The Zero Marginal Cost Society,” the concentration of productivity and wealth will become less important, and situations that became widespread in the context of that concentration — such as the gap between rich and poor and large-scale resource exploitation that destroys the sustainability of society — may disappear.







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