Roobee ICO Review : Smart Investments Starting from $10 in the Investment Products

About Roobee 

Roobee is an investment platform that allows you to fund in any projects with an entry threshold of 10$: users can invest in IPOs, ETFs, the venture capital investment market, real estate, cryptocurrency assets and much more. This project at the was supported by crypto-whale on pre-IEO stage he invested 4.5mln$ in the development of the platform. MVP is already working – the total amount of transactions in the Roobee network exceeded 15 million dollars, all the evidence is on the site (

The first round of IEO at Bitforex was closed in just over an hour, 100btc+ were raised. Roobee finish IEO on EXMO raised 300 BTC and plans to have IEO on first tier exchange.

Token Basic Information

Token Name Roobee
Token Symbol ROOBEE
Social Media Roobee ICO Review : Smart Investments Starting from $10 in the Investment ProductsRoobee ICO Review : Smart Investments Starting from $10 in the Investment ProductsRoobee ICO Review : Smart Investments Starting from $10 in the Investment Products
Soft cap
4500000 USD
Hard cap
27,000,000 USD
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Roobee is Here to Solve this Problems

Barriers and limitations: Most people are not professional investors and have limited access to the opportunities available to accredited and institutional investors.

High and Implicit Fees: Cutting out the high commissions levied by managers. Currenlty, management fees, success fees and other financial ‘services’ are cutting into investor profits.

Lack of Transparency: There are no transparent track records for many of investment products. It also unclear where funds are stored. All of this leads to poor investor security.

How Roobee it works


Users registering in Roobee via Mobile App or Web-service. They can choose the comfortable way to use Roobee or use both ways. They will also able to use chatbot to interact with Roobee.


Users need to proceed KYC to get Personal Roobee ID granting secure decentralized data storage. With Roobee ID user will be able to participate in wide range of investment products without additional registrations, KYCs and long read documents.


Users may pass profiling to form personal investment portrait. Roobee Score empowered with AI and Machine Learning will take into account all the details and goals to provide user with tailored investment portfolio which suits them best.


Users will be able to pay using bank-cards and cryptocurrencies as well. They will be able to attach bank card or use Roobee Wallet and invest in automatic mode without any hassle.

Roobee Wallet

For convenient and secure work with the Roobee platform and the blockchain,
the team has integrated RoobeeWallet. Replenishment of the wallet will be possible
directly using the USDT, BTC, ETH and others currencies. At first, acting as non-custodial, Wallet provides users with simple cryptocurrency exchange through communication through and multisig transactions and APIs of exchanges. Owing to the integration with cryptocurrency exchanges, the user can replenish the balance on the platform with any currencies traded on the exchanges and supported by Wallet.

Roobee ID

Roobee ID is an open-source library that implements interaction with without
the need to trust third parties. Roobee ID as part of HyperLedger Fabric’s PKI (Public Key
Infrastructure)stores private keys, allows signing transactions in a decentralized and securing manner and verifies their confirmation by the RoobeeChain network.

ID also solves the major problem of the investment market, where work with each company requires a KYC/AML check which involves fill out many different documents and
spending a lot of time not investing but doing “paperwork.

Roobee Community

Through this service users will be able to make their portfolios publicly available, receive
comments, advice, and even connect to them and compete in the future. Also, users will be
able to receive education by passing tests/quizzes/competitions on the platform.
Community work in close connection with Score and Roobee Network. Therefore, client characteristics recorded in ID have an effect not only on recommendations by the platform, but also changes in the user status in Roobee Community. This is important for voting and public choice provided by Roobee Community.





Artem Popov, Co-Founder

Oleg Gaidukov, CTO

Vladi Siganěvič, CMO

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