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Rosecode ICO Review : Find New Clues And Meet New Characters


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About Rosecode 

Rosecode is an interactive multimedia experience unlike any other. Revisit ROSECODE and each time you will find new clues and meet new characters with their own secrets and hidden motives. Spanning two and a half future centuries, the story is epic in a way that few recent literary projects have dared to be. But ROSECODE is more than that.

Basic Information

Token NameRosecode
Token SymbolROSECOIN
Social MediaRosecode ICO Review : Find New Clues And Meet New CharactersRosecode ICO Review : Find New Clues And Meet New Characters
Hard cap=====
Token for sale=====
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


The creators dare to ask, “What if creative projects worked the same way as open source software?” Every science fiction fan is familiar with the concept of “franchises” like Marvel, DC, and Star Wars. ROSECODE uses the power of Creative Commons licensing to forge a new paradigm: a shared mythos where anyone is free to invent, tell stories, build games, or film a movie—for fun or for profit. ROSECODE will be the first science fiction universe that belongs to fans.

Fully scalable with intelligent sharding

It has innovative three-layer sharding design, completely solves trust between shards. It also provides asynchronous sharding consensus, intershards communication. The ai capable loading balance algorithm of data collection and distribution can automatically complete sharding and merging.The performance of the public chain can infinitely improved by this breakthrough, enable Rosecode. Chain’s performance to exceed the performance of the centralized server.


Balanced value transfer

The era of the Internet has changed the way and the rationale of information transmission. People use the Internet technology to transfer information conveniently and at low cost. Internet has enabled the exponential level improvement of efficiency and costs reduction, and people have gained unprecedental new product experiences and services. However, the concept of information transfer and value transfer is different. The Internet network does not have the peer-to-peer value transfer function.

Block structure

Each block is made up of multiple transactions. Let’s first look at which fields a transaction contains. The trading account uses Ethereum’s account system instead of Bitcoin’s Rosecode (Unspent Transaction Output). A transfers money to B. The most basic fields are A’s account number, B’s account number, and the amount of money transferred. Bitcoin uses Rosecode to solve the doubleflower problem, and each unspent output can only be referenced once. Similar to the Ethereum account system.


The Ethereum Alarm Clock architecture is best described in two symbiotic and differential components. The first component of the Ethereum Alarm Clock architecture are the smart contracts. They are deployed to the Ethereum main chain and operate trustlessly. The second component is the Time Node network. Time Nodes are off-chain execution agents in charge of handling the logic of executions. They can pay the small premium of the bounty without the need to understand the execution flow of the Ethereum Alarm Clock protocol entirely.

Time node

Time Nodes are the off-chain execution agents which represent individual nodes of the decentralized peer-to-peer execution network behind the Ethereum Alarm Clock. The first and primary Time Node action is the execute function while the second action is claim – which we’ll go into detail in the next section. Execute is called anytime a Time Node tries to execute a transaction that has been scheduled to be executed. By executing a transaction, a Time Node receives a reward (bounty). This helps incentivize Time Nodes to execute incoming scheduled transactions.

Execution market

Currently in the Ethereum ecosystem there are multiple projects working on their own execution markets for their purpose. The drawback of this approach is that the economic incentive to participate in such a market depends on the amount of delegation available. Protocols and Rosecode will scatter the market into smaller ones, potentially not profitable to join. The solution to this problem would be to conceptualize the common market, so that it is able to handle multiple protocols and Rosecode.



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