Rubius ICo Review : The most sensible platform to buy, sell, or send

About Rubius

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Rubius’ next link in the chain offers users a secure tool to send and receive cryptocurrency. The versatile Aryl wallet serves as both a decentralized bank and exchange facilitator. The wallet’s user-friendliness allows for confusion-free payments between users, and Aryl’s Volatility Shield protects wallet value by converting unstable cryptos into a preferred, steady currency. The Shield’s streamlined conversions allow users to quickly liquidate their holdings from an exchange without excessive fees or long queues typical of other “cashing-out” methods. RUBY tokens power this innovative ecosystem. Users who transact with the native Rubius currency receive 50% off fees across all platforms.

Basic Information

Token NameRubius
Token SymbolRUBY
Social MediaRubius ICo Review : The most sensible platform to buy, sell, or sendRubius ICo Review : The most sensible platform to buy, sell, or sendRubius ICo Review : The most sensible platform to buy, sell, or send
Exchange rate =======
Minimal transaction amount0.05 ETH
Coin exchange rate1 ETH = 7000 RUBY
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Your Next-Gen Bank, Wallet, and Exchange

Minimized Volatility

The Rubius wallet, “Aryl”, protects your funds from rapid value loss. If you enable Aryl’s Volatility Shield, received crypto is automatically exchanged for fiat or a selected stable currency. And if you want to send payments in cryptocurrency, the wallet converts outgoing funds back to your preferred coin or token.

Social Payments

Easily send and receive cryptocurrency with Aryl’s intuitive payment service.

Maximized Profits

Rubius cryptocurrency exchange, Rubiex, offers a diverse selection of coins, and all transactions trade with a consistent .1% fee, an extremely low rate compared to competitors.

Ready For Adoption

User error accounts for 95% of lost cryptocurrency; the interfaces are too confusing. Mass adoption requires accessibility. Rubius’ user-friendliness welcomes every audience, not just the tech savvy.

The Rubius (RUBY) Cryptocurrency

RUBYs have immediate utility. Using RUBY coins as your trading pair reduces fees by 50%, and they are the default payment method on the Aryl app.

As they introduce new blockchain solutions to the Rubius network, RUBYs will always be integrated to increase utility and demand.Proceeds from the Rubius ICO will go towards development and marketing costs.

The Team Mission

Rubius proven staff from both the traditional and blockchain industries will take Rubius from vision to reality. They will leverage programming, trading, research, marketing, finance, and software development expertise to create a platform grounded in genuine innovation, not speculative hype.

Aryl is designed first-and-foremost as a payment app. It is going to be more consumer-friendly and all-inclusive. And, Aryl’s Volatility Shield feature will eliminate the risks of using cryptocurrency.

Market Problem

The fact remains that roughly 1.7 billion adults in the world remain unbanked [1]. That’s 1.7 BILLION adults who don’t have access to any electronic financial services and are forced to operate in either a cash or barter system which promotes crime and corruption. Although smartphone ownership is increasing at an exponential rate, not everyone will have access to the needed solutions due to the limited software and cross-border restrictions. The existing solutions utilize third-party service providers

The Solution: Rubius Software

Rubius software will be designed for the consumer and will be continually upgraded and improved indefinitely. This may include rebranding products in specific regions to help promote mass adoption. The goal is to provide the entire world with access to banking and financial services through software products. All of the products will be open-source, freeto-use, and will have zero-trust involved. The products will utilize decentralized applications and operate on existing blockchain platforms like Ethereum.

Rubius Coins

Rubius coins or RUBYs are a decentralized cryptocurrency based on the ERC20 token standard. RUBY transactions are simple, safe, and low-cost. RUBY coins are an autonomous digital currency supported by the Ethereum platform and all RUBY transactions will be processed by the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The EVM ensures transparency by verifying, recording, and publishing all transactional data.

Rubius Ecosystem

The Rubius ecosystem consists of our smartphone app called Aryl, They web-based exchange called Rubiex, the Rubius coins, and will include all of other proposed products. The ecosystem intertwines smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and all other computing devices into a platform for financial security.

Joseph Rubin CEO & Lead Developer
Haydn Snape Chief Operating Officer
Adam Singer Chief Marketing Officer
Joshua Snape Chief Legal Officer

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