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SaTT Ico Review : The future of advertising intelligence


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About SaTT

The SaTT is a token utility primarily based on blockchain expertise that enables trade of promoting and viewers fee. SaTT is regulated by a Good Contract which lists promoting presents with all information held securely within the Ethereum blockchain. The Good Contract units the situations for participation in campaigns, quantifies the success, and ensures the ultimate renumeration.

Basic Information

Token NameSaTT
Token SymbolSATT
Social MediaSaTT Ico Review : The future of advertising intelligenceSaTT Ico Review : The future of advertising intelligenceSaTT Ico Review : The future of advertising intelligence
Token Price0.42 USD
Restricted countriesNo restrictions
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Benefits Of Satt

The major interest of SaTT is the use of Smart Contract dialoguing with third-party APIs to quantify the performance of a campaign and evaluate the amount of the transaction. Payments are immediate once the success criteria are met. Payments are not subject to transfer fees or currency conversion fees, and billing data is tamper-proof .

The challenge of revolutionizing advertising via Blockchain

By studying the 4 million pages that use our applications, all customers have the same goal,
maximizing the penetration and awareness of their brands, products, services, news and promotional
offers. They decided to provide a service to make the interaction of online marketing tools more transparent.Until now, this was all done by human in agencies. They hold the cards. The opportunity was obvious: create a secure index of advertising offers! While searching for the best solution, we realized blockchain would be perfect for needs. It is a decentralized and distributed database that guarantees the
integrity of data and transactions.

Online Advertiser

Advertisers have many tools to publish, quantify and analyze their advertising campaigns. They can spread their messages through:

    • Brand and co-brand websites
    • Presence on community networks
    • Rich Media Campaigns
    • Content sponsorship, brand content, marketing influencers


Digital strategy must be built and measured

How can they quantify the return on investment in the current environment? Accurate data to evaluate the effectiveness of digital actions with regard to campaign objectives in terms of impact on the brand (awareness, memorization, brand preference…) and/or performance (increased traffic, online sales, offline sales, generation of opportunities or leads…)

Media buying strategies and communication budgets based on evaluation of the Web’s contribution to the media plan (coverage of the target, repetition of messages, complementarity of the media.

Smart Contract

Thanks to the SaTT Smart Contract, an advertiser can easily create advertising campaigns whose
conditions for participation and results will be stored in distributed decentralized records (blockchain).
These ads will be searchable via dedicated APIs. This means tampering with results will be much more

  • The affiliate meets the criteria, age, sex, city, audience.
  • The publisher has relayed the advertising campaign and the defined oracle has returned the result statistics.
  • The “oracles” have returned the information, the transaction is executed and the SaTT amount transferred to the publisher.

Selecting the relevant publishers

One of the biggest challenges of internet advertising is recruiting and validating advertising campaign partners. Advertisers must select the best partners. This can depend on the scope of their broadcast network, the topics addressed or simply its image.

Building trust, preventing fraud

Advertisers and publishers of many ad networks must trust centralized advertising agencies without being able to verify the statistical results provided. Thanks to the blockchain, advertisers and their campaigns are not connected to each other. This means they are not all affected by a single hack or malfunction. Thanks to the SaTT Smart Contract, ads and transactions are governed by modules of independent persons secured by the Ethereum blockchain. In the event that a module or oracle malfunctions, the integrity of ads of other advertisers is preserved.

Reducing costs, speeding up transactions

The traditional business model of conventional centralized advertising agencies relies on a prohibitive cost of entry and monthly billing for the services provided. The minimum fee for using their interface ranges from several hundred to thousands of dollars a month. With the blockchain and the SaTT Smart Contract, the transaction cost is split between the encryption and oracle modules based on user needs. There is no minimum monthly billing. The competition between the oracle modules guarantees a high level of service and
competitive rates.

Oracle module

An oracle is an application between the Smart Contract and a data source to relay information on the performance of a campaign or process (number of clicks, number of views, ability to participate, validation of campaign integrity). When an application connects to Google Analytics and returns the volume of a publisher’s traffic on the advertiser’s website at the end of the month to an oracle module, it uses that data to determine if the conditions of the Smart Contract are fulfilled. Several oracles may be involved in the process before a Smart Contract based transaction is approved.

SaTT  Tokens

You can easily acquire SaTT during the crowdsale thanks to our wallet. You can purchase them with ETH, BTC or by bank transfer. You can participate from exchange platforms such as Bitrex, Binance or any wallet, as well as by credit card by using services like transferwise. Upon receipt of proof of payment, the corresponding SaTT are delivered to your wallet, and you will then be able to transfer them to any ERC20 wallet (MEW, Metamask, etc) or use  App



Gauthier BROS CEO


Samir KSIBI Associate Partner

Geoffrey MOYA Blockchain Expert

Jordan DELAGNAU Marketing Director

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