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Sexservice Ico Review : So now you can reach a new level of sex dating experience!


About Sexservice

It’s all about Sexservice  working hard on making World a better place — with a new kind of fresh and smart experiences, even in such a delicate thing as court services and overall sex-related communications. All this became possible thanks to a groundbreaking technologies which took their place in past several years in information society.

Basic Information

Token Name Sexservice 
Token Symbol  ======
Social Media Sexservice Ico Review : So now you can reach a new level of sex dating experience!Sexservice Ico Review : So now you can reach a new level of sex dating experience!Sexservice Ico Review : So now you can reach a new level of sex dating experience!
Language English
Platform Ethereum
Token Sale =======
Token Supply Unspecified
Accepting ETH
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Made for Everyone

Sexservice  pose as sex dating service by mutual sympathy and sex-related communications mainly, which are legal in most countries’ jurisdictions. Searching for a partner has never been that straight and easy. Service is simple to use, and needs absolutely no installation.

It is not about sex workers only.. this service is a platform for all sexually active people.
sexService have a consistent roadmap. Check what we are working on exactly.

Secured and Encrypted

We’re hard on developing sexService.io with maximum safety and convenience in mind.
Thanks to a Blockchain-level encryption Nobody has real access to your Private Data…
Even the developers.

You decide to play Overtly or Anonymous.And due to an Two-step transaction Scheme you face a whole new level of Confidence and Service. So you could meet up, have fun and stay safe!

Key Service Features:

Colossal: Sex is a 200 Billion USD yearly market.

Anonymity: No emails or other IDs required. Decentralisation, Blockchain-proven Reputation System & Feedbacks.

Increased Safety: Two-step digital transactions dramatically Reduce Risks of Frauds and Violence against users.

Fast-growing Community: Most SSIO tokens are to be distributed among public and contributors. Bounties for Women signups and Activity!

Problem description

SexSevice targets sex services and sex dating. Sex industry is about a 200 Billion dollars market . The most common of sex market problems 1 are:
● Trafficking and forcing to sex
● Violence against women, lack of protection
● Frauds and robberies
● Legality status
● Difficulties in finding a right match and particular services for a client
● Lack of channels to advertise for sex companies and workers
● STIs

sexService platform

sexService.io is a platform which includes a blockchain-based infrastructure, a user application to interact with it, and SSIO tokens as a payment system.

Involved parties, profiles and communication

There are several types of sexService.io users in general:
● A cathouse, business or individual, who patronage sex workers
● A sex worker, who provides services individually, or under someone’s management
● A webcam or cosplay girl, provides remote services
● A person or group, which has some sex demands. Man or woman, straight or gay, etc.
Looking for some paid offers or just a casual sex dating.
● A sex-related company or individual with an interest to enhance his (her) business —
offering something and doing advertising.

Communications and reputation

The way users communicate with each other is to be a bit different from usual dating
applications. For example — if a man finds a girl which he’s interested in, to chat with her, he has to buy one of her services. And she does not receive his payment instantly, cause his tokens are kept in temporary wallet. If they’ll meet then — the transactions could be finished. This scheme of communication is made primary for sex workers, so they would not waste time on useless chats. But any user can allow free contacts, as well as agree to receive local broadcast.

Internal payment system

sexService Application will use the internal payment system in SSIO token to eliminate
cash-involved problems . If still preferred, anyone can use sexService to find a perfect match, and to pay cash at a meet-up, but we are sure later (it may take years ) tokens will press out 6 cash as a payment option. So to become a sexService stakeholder and to use itsservices, you should buy some SSIO tokens.

Reputation system

Every two-step transaction should be finalized by leaving a feedback. It is counted as user’s reputation score. Good example here is Beaver . 15 As reputation is an essential part of sexService, there are a comprehensive system supporting it. Leaving a feedback, the existing user’s reputation is taking in account, and vise versa. This process should be validated by blockchain, so there is no way to fake reputation score.

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