Si14bet Ico Review : International Peer-to-Peer Sports Betting Exchange

About Si14bet

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The international P2P sports betting exchange that allows you to place bets from player to player.Unique software algorithms and created eco-system Si14.Bet – allows you to strengthen yourself in the international betting market and further take a leading position due to the quality of service and financial model of the company. Si14 Token allows you to buy privileges on the exchange Si14bet in the form of discounts on commissions: – Gold account 0.5% – Platinum account 0.2% – Owner account 0%.

P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Betting Exchange

The created product has no analogues in the world market of bookmaker services. The P2P system operation eliminates difficulties with calculations of our users. The hybrid financial interaction model allows our clients to have minimum fees of 1%.

Token Basic Information

Token NameSi14bet
Token SymbolSi14
Social MediaSi14bet Ico Review : International Peer-to-Peer Sports Betting ExchangeSi14bet Ico Review : International Peer-to-Peer Sports Betting Exchange
Minimum purchase100.00 Si14
Accepted CurrenciesUSD, EUR, BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, XMR, XRP, USDT


  • Trust Shortage: Traditional betting operators must have a high degree of client-side confidence, which is often used by bookmakers to the detriment of their users’ interests because this responsibility leads to high procedural and financial costs for bookmakers.
  • Opacity: Hidden decision-making processes of traditional bookmakers regarding the blocking or restriction of a client do not make it clear what has led to the disagreement, and whether chances of solving the problem are fair or too overestimated in favor of bookmakers.
  • High Cost: High costs are necessary for safe and efficient use of a traditional betting operator for players and the company. These costs are reflected in high margin odds, which directly affect players. Market

Si14bet company has had experience with bookmakers for more than 10 years. In the course of it we have fully studied the structure and algorithms of bookmakers’ operation and offer a unique product, which will take the lead in the market of sports event betting. We know what product professional players need.

Creating Personal Robots

Company has formed an environment for creating personal robots and mechanized trading systems for automatic bets according to your personal strategy. Presently there are plenty of strategies that require constant market surveillance. You have a unique opportunity to work mechanically. You only need to set the algorithm and compile the robot.

App Specification


After installing and logging in the Si14bet mobile application on the mobile device, the login is performed using a five-digit PIN code. No confirmation of the operations is required, even if the subscriber number of the SIM card in a smartphone is different from the one added to a client. 2FA authentication is possible.


Application stability is provided by modern servers and highly professional software which allow to withstand loads of more than 100 million calls per second.


The speed of sports event betting is 0.1 second. The Si14.Bet exchange no longer closes markets during sports events (whether it’s a goal attack or a penalty kick). It provides an ability to hedge your positions on-line.

Deposit/Withdrawal of Funds

A wide range of application deposit and withdrawal capabilities, such as bank deposits, Qiwi, Webmobey, Skrill, AdvCash, etc. The time for execution of withdrawal requests is not more than 30 minutes.

Unique Services

  • Wide line, i.e. more than 400 events

  • API documentation for users

  • The market is always open during any events

  • Deal entry per 0.1 second

  • Bets FOR and AGAINST events (Hedging Opportunity)

  • Cash out at the market-dependent rate without delays

  • Lightning-fast deals through the app

  • Possibility of arbitration transactions being present at a sports event

  • Instant deposit/withdrawal

Advantages of SI14 BET

  • Investment Principles: Co-investment of the Si14bet exchange is also formed at the expense of coupon yield from Eurobonds. An investor has 100% security of his capital.
  • Enterprise Point “Zero”: The Si14.Bet exchange has also formed the enterprise point “zero”. This is the volume of coupon yield from invested Eurobonds. Thus, investors do not bear any risks, in turn Si14.Bet has permanent financing for the development of the Exchange. Investors acquire equity participation without any risks to their capital.
  • Hybird System: Investment system is built at the joint of classic financial institutions and a new crypto-currency market. Si14 is an aggregator of 100% guaranteed operability.
  • Investors Benefits: The investor acquires equity participation of the Si14bet exchange by investing coupon yield from Eurobonds. The investment body belongs to the investor. This model gives 100% guarantee of capital safety.




Viktor Kopylov- Chief Executive Officer

Arkady Garsh- Chief Information Officer

Dmitriy Fedotov- Chief Financial Officer

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