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About Signal Crypto Trading Bot

Signal Crypto Trading Bot started Signal in 2017 as a weekend project to help ourselves become better traders. It quickly grew beyond what we’d expected, and soon enough, millions of dollars were being transacted through the platform every month. It was an incredible experience to see thousands of other traders achieve their dreams of financial freedom through something that we had built. We’re thankful for everyone that supported us in our journey, but it’s time for us to embark on new adventures.

JetBot Key Points

Bot Name Signal Crypto Trading Bot
Bot Type Cryptocurrency Trading Bot
Average Price $0
Exchange SupportedBinance
FreeFree Trial
Payment AcceptedCredit & Debit Card
Cloud BasedYes
Signals & NewsFree Signal & Paid Signal Available
Available SupportLive Chat & Dedicated Help Page
Official Website Click Here To Visit

How To Get Started On Signal Crypto Trading Bot

Step By Step Process

1- Create Account

Before Doing Anything You Need Valid Signal Id . It Is Very Easy To Sign Up At Cleo Bot Website . Just Click On Sign Up Button & Fill Necessary Details And Click On Submit Button .

2- Choose Bot

Their Is Wide Variety Of Bots Available At Signal. Choose Bot According To Your Need . If You Are Beginner Start With Easy Bot Setup .

3- Connect Exchange

Now It Is Very Necessary Step To Integrate Signal With Cryptocurrency Exchange . Connect Bot With Supported Exchange . Follow Guidelines Which Are Available At CLEO Website .

4- Choose Pair

Now Choose Trading Pair & Select Coin Which You Want Your Bot Trading Automatic For You .

5- Follow Step

Follow Step Which Are Provided By Signal CEO Team At Their Website .

The platform

The platform incorporates popular market and limit order features and also allows users to set up simultaneous stop loss and take profit orders, as well as trailing stops, and laddered buys.

Signal can also be accessed via desktop or by a mobile device which suits anyone who likes to keep an eye on their trades whilst away from their desk.

  • Targets and stop loss: a trader can set targets and a stop loss at the same time.
  • Trailing stop-loss: this feature allows a trader to place a trailing stop loss, hence able to maximize trading gains;
  • Laddered buys: a trader can use multiple buy orders to enter positions to ensure they access the best price on offer;
  • Notifications: the platform uses email and SMS alerts to inform a trader of the goings-on, hence saving them the task of having to regularly check their accounts

Range of Tools 

The platform provides a range of trading tools designed to enhance your Binance trading experience and incorporates common options such as stop-loss and take profit orders, as well as simultaneous stop-loss/take-profit orders, and trailing stop-loss orders.

Low Cost 

The service is available for free during the 7 day trial period. After this, the platform can be used for $9.95 a month, which makes it one of the cheaper cryptocurrency trading solutions currently available.

Customer Support 

The team provide a number of useful resources in their Support Section including guides that explain how to use the platform, and there are also video tutorials available inside member accounts. The team can also be contacted by email, or by connecting via Facebook or Twitter.

Ease of use

Getting started is easy as it only requires an email address and password to sign up. It also has a product tour where they guide new traders on how to use the platform. The team also provides many useful resources in their support section inside member accounts.


The API key allows the bot to perform the trading transactions but not to withdraw the funds from the account. The bot has only trading access to your funds. Your exchange generates the API keys that the bot needs to access the account. while your coins never leave your exchange account.

Wide Range

Signal is a platform designed to allow traders to make full use of all the opportunities for trading the range of digital assets available on Binance exchange.

Signal provides traders with a wider range of tools than those currently found on the exchange, and allows anyone to easily enhance their trading activities. Using Signal allows anyone to trade efficiently around the clock and take advantage of the cryptocurrency market remaining open 24/7.


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