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SilkRoadCoin ICO Review : Money Movement Between Silk Road Countries


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About SilkRoadCoin 

SilkRoadCoin is a cryptocurrency for banking and money movement for Silk Road countries, members of more than sixty-five countries, and between companies, institutions, banks, and individuals. SRC tokens are created on the Waves Blockchain platform. Funds collected from token distribution will be managed by team—experienced bankers, money exchangers, payment solution innovators, cryptocurrency dealers, and project finance managers with proven track records in top profitable banking projects in Silk Road Countries. A project-team head and founder, the LGR Company, manages the operations with regard to the distribution of SilkRoadCoin tokens and the management of the SilkRoadCoin investment fund. This cryptocurrency will be used as the money-transfer vehicle for project fund distributions in Silk Road BRI Projects which are financed by China, daily traditional banking services through LGR, and Blockchain Banking Platform, Banking transactions between companies, contractors, manufacturers, institutions, exchangers, and individuals will have quick, secure and low-fee money transfers.

Basic Information

Token NameSilkRoadCoin
Token SymbolSRC
Social MediaSilkRoadCoin ICO Review : Money Movement Between Silk Road CountriesSilkRoadCoin ICO Review : Money Movement Between Silk Road CountriesSilkRoadCoin ICO Review : Money Movement Between Silk Road Countries
Soft cap
100,000,000 EUR
Hard cap1,000,000,000 EUR
Tokens for sale
1,000,000,000 SRC
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Value proposition

SilkRoadCoin is a cryptocurrency that allows token holders who lack expertise, time, and knowledge to make stable gains in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Its token holders will have the greatest worldwide-adoption cryptocurrency in the largest world community—the Silk Road Community—with the possibility of exchanging SilkRoadCoin in local banks to local currency and vice versa; SRC will also allow quick international money transfers in just seconds, with the lowest fees on transfers.

Experienced managers: The investment team is composed of experienced managers money movement professionals, traders, and bankers—who have proven track records in asset management from Switzerland and China and who can perform detailed analysis of market conditions and existing and new projects in the industry in addition to investing in profitable infrastructure projects in Silk Road BRI.

Worldwide adoption: In order for people around the world to know and to buy SRC, will have the support of the China Council for promotion of international trade to use SilkRoadCoin in some Chinese foreign banking transactions with Silk Road one-belt and one-road country members—more than sixty-five countries.

Credibility: There are many projects in the industry whose creators and developers are anonymous. The identities of the members of the SilkRoadCoin will all be revealed to the public. Members of LGR are reputable professionals known in the blockchain industry, banking industry, and trade.

Waves platform of SilkRoadCoin 

The SRC team has chosen one of the fastest and the most decentralized blockchain platform the Waves Platform to launch their token distribution. Waves is a decentralized blockchain platform that focuses on custom blockchain token operations. The Waves platform is an outstanding platform that adheres to the principle of decentralization. Waves uses a leasing proof-of-stake (LPOS) algorithm which enables holders of Waves tokens`to receive interest when they stake their tokens to secure the network. The Waves platform has a Decentralized Exchange on which transactions can be made quickly like a centralized exchange without the risks of losing your assets to centralized exchange hacks because the assets are stored in individual wallets.

Market potential

It is evident that the cryptocurrency market cap is tiny when compared to other asset classes. SilkRoadCoin can expect the cryptocurrency value to grow exponentially when it goes mainstream in the coming years and institutions and businesses adopt blockchain technology. With greater adoption of blockchain technology, more funds flowing in from institutional and private investors into the cryptocurrency market, active marketing and advertising of SilkRoadCoin brand, and exceptional performance of LGR investment fund, the LGR project team is confident that SilkRoadCoin will become one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the market.

Investment portfolio

  • Identification of money movement Transactions between Silk Road countries on full-banking Blockchain Platform of the LGR.
  • Provide fully traditional banking services of the fiat currencies through the LGR Banking Blockchain Platform by SilkRoadCoin cryptocurrency.
  • Instant exchange of the SilkRoadCoin to all Silk Road countries’ local currency and vice versa.
  • Instant exchange of the SilkRoadCoin to Euro/CNY currencies for international transactions of the SilkRoadCoin holders.
  • Physical gold and other precious metals trade options.

Marketing strategy

Marketing is extremely vital for every project—especially one like SilkRoadCoin. Project
cannot be successful if no one knows of the opportunity are presenting to investors. Part of the funds generated from token sale will be reinvested into creating more awareness for the project. Created a marketing strategy to enable us to get this project to crypto investors:

  • Targeted advertisements across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
  • Press releases on cryptocurrency blogs, forums, and several online communities.
  • Video promotions on video marketing platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.
  • Translation of marketing information into multiple languages and actively marketing the
    SilkRoadCoin brand on the different platforms of those languages.

Token buyback

The SilkRoadCoin founders will be constantly monitoring the growth of the projects’ development. Every six months, the company will analyze the portfolio and convert a portion of investment gains to give back to the token holders in the form of token buyback on the Waves Decentralized Exchange. Remaining funds will used to continue investments to grow the funds.

  • The amounts to give back to the token holders will be 15%.
  • The LGR will use the funds from investment gains to make offers on the Waves Decentralized Exchange with prices exponentially higher than current prices of the
    SilkRoadCoin tokens on various exchanges.
  • Token holders can sell back their SilkRoadCoin tokens for waves tokens.



Ali Amirliravi, International Banker and Commodity trader

Luca Peretti, Banker, oil and gas dealer, strategics negotiator

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