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About Smarterworx

SmarterWorx is both a platform for crypto enthusiasts and art lovers. They are building a unique cryptocurrency with real-world use, supported by an ever-growing art portfolio. In addition to the ARTX token, after the presale finishes, they will build a platform to revolutionize how you invest in contemporary art.

To combat market volatility and downturns, SmarterWorx will hold a collection of physical contemporary art and the digital twins (1-of-1 matching NFT) of each piece to hold up the floor price of the ARTX Token. The mission is to build a token that will pass the test of time and grow in value, rewarding long-term supporters.

SmarterWorx believes in the community and in line with such they will regularly reward our customers for holding ARTX tokens through staking rewards and the distribution of royalty fees from all NFTs that are sold.

Animal Farm Dogs Coin Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSmarterworx
Short NameARTX
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000 ARTX
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Meet The Team

Smarterworx Coin Review : Is It Good Or Bad Coin Read Our Article

How will SmarterWorx work?

To begin, 5% of all ARTX tokens will be added to a treasury fund wallet, in addition to this a percentage of funds raised during the presale will also be allocated to the treasury fund. The treasury fund will be used to acquire unique, undervalued pieces of art with high growth potential, which will make up the portfolio that supports the ARTX token.

After the launch of ARTX, a portion of all buy and sale taxes will be allocated to the Treasury wallet to ensure we can continue to expand our portfolio.

In essence, with the support of ARTX holders and those who trade the token, we will build a diverse art portfolio comprised of expertly vetted works curated by our team of expert researchers to back the ARTX token.

In the event, a piece of art and/or its digital twin is sold at a profit we will take the initial amount spent plus 50% of the profit and add it back to the treasury fund. The remaining 50% of the profit will be allocated to the burn wallet to further reduce the supply of ARTX while keeping the price stable.

Art Of Revalution

Benefitting from the rarefied world of art collecting was previously limited to a few, but now with SmarterWorx you no longer have to be an industry insider or a multi-millionaire with a team of art curators to take advantage of the benefits of art.

SmarterWorx have developed a revolutionary way to use art portfolios to combat the volatility and uncertainty that non-asset-backed cryptocurrencies feel.

Through the use of both physical art and connected collectibles, we will protect the value of the ARTX token by holding up its floor price with a high-value art portfolio

A Connected Collectible

A connected collectible is a digital duplicate of a tangible asset, presented as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). The underlying object is secured in our vaults and insured. The connected collectible can be redeemed for its physical counterpart at any time.

Customers can trade connected collectibles on any NFT marketplace, with the provenance and transaction history secured on the blockchain. The connected collectible technology is powered by Courtyard.


As with all art traders they will at times sell pieces of art within the collection with the aim of making a profit. When they sell a piece of art 50% of the profit will be used to buy and burn ARTX tokens removing them from circulation and combatting the effects of inflation within the ARTX token. The rest of the funds will be added to the treasury to purchase more art for the portfolio.

ARTX Token

To introduce this forward-thinking cryptocurrency to the masses. We are creating a currency that can be used in marketplaces in both the universe and the metaverse. By backing ARTX with a growing art portfolio that is continuously being added to by funds, we receive from the buy and sell taxes, NFT sales, and token burning we believe we have created a currency that will stand the test of time.

The assets that back the ARTX token will be placed in a safe and digitized by Courtyard for the world to see on the blockchain.


SmarterWorx are pioneering the world’s first fractional art investment platform powered by blockchain technology. Through the SmarterWorx platform, you will be able to access and invest in blue-chip artwork at any time from any place. We are building an investment platform without boundaries to support and empower artists, investors and collectors alike.

Each piece of art they acquire, whether it is a painting, a sculpture or any other type of art will be turned into an NFT and sold on the SmarterWorx Marketplace. Furthermore, once you own a share in a piece of art you are free to hold or trade that piece of art on any NFT platform in the world.

The SmarterWorx platform will be governed by the art backed ARTX token which is available to purchase now through the presale.


Phase 1

Launch website
Launch social communities
Create the SmarterWorx token smart contract
Smart contract audit
Create treasury
Begin presale

Phase 2

Complete presale
Launch on UniSwap
CoinGecko listing
CoinMarcketCap listing listing

Phase 3

NFT Collection launch
SmarterWorx Ecosystem launch
NFT Minting dApp launch
NFT Marketplace launch

FAQ Of SmarterWorx

Where I Can Find SmarterWorx  Whitepaper?

You Can Find SmarterWorx Whitepaper By Clicking Here.

Where I Can Buy/Sell SmarterWorx Token?

ou Can Buy or Sell SmarterWorx Token On Some Popular Exchange For Example – SmarterWorx

What is Circulating Supply Of Token?

Circulating Supply Of 1,000,000,000 ARTX Token Is N/A.

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