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About provides a full-stack package of complex AdTech solutions for digital advertisers, publishers, and ad agencies worldwide. the innovative products help businesses to achieve impressive results across all channels, devices and ad formats. Finding new possibilities within artificial intelligence, Blockchain technology, and Big Data analytics, we are reshaping the future of programmatic advertising, making it surprisingly simple for every client. CPA Market is a performance-based CPA platform that allow advertisers to reach thousands of quality affiliates and millions of potential costumers. the advertisers provide every day new CPA offers to be promoted, with top payouts, so basically you will get the best converting campaigns at the best price out there.

Quick Facts About Affiliate Network

Commission TypeCPM
Number of Offers100+
Payment MethodPayPal, Payoneer, Wire
Min Payments$5
Payment FrequencyNet-5
Referral Commission Rate5%
Tracking SoftwareSmartadtags
Social SupportYes
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How To Start Earn Passive Income From Affiliate Network

Step By Step Guide

First Sign Up

If You Want Earn Passive Commission From Affiliates Network Program Than First You Need To Sign Up At

Start Advertise

Once Your Id Approved By Team Than You Gain Full Access To Affiliate Dashboard Where You Can Choose From A Wide Range Of Marketing Tools Specially Designed To Generate Traffic And Boost Your Conversion Rates.

Start Earn Passive Revenue

Now You Can Start Earning Money! Affiliates Provides You The Tools You Need To Succeed. Use All Of The Available Resources Provided To Scale Out Your Campaigns.


Global reach and scale Get access to unlimited sources of supply, partner with major publishers and build connections with media houses from around the world. Buy high-class advertising space — at affordable prices — and deliver messages that resonate with audiences that matter. Find your target groups and achieve mind-blowing results at zero risk with SmartyAds.

Possible CPM Sell-Side Platform is built on the top of the deep machine learning technology that adapts to real-time market conditions. Determine your inventory pricing and let the Optimal Floor Price feature calculate the ideal value for every unique impression. Increase fill rates while selling your inventory for the highest price! 

Drive Revenue with Header Bidding Header Bidding integration in conjunction with SmartyAds Supply-Side Platform allows publishers to access additional sources of demand, gaining greater exposure. Offer your ad inventory to a multitude of demand partners simultaneously and initiate a powerful competition. Uncover the real value of every impression. Monetize your web and app audiences to the fullest! 

Integrate Mobile Advertising with Ease lightweight SDK is a flexible solution for mobile publishers to monetize their in-app advertising space through rich media ads. SmartyAds SDK solution works seamlessly in a speed-sensitive mobile environment, delivering relevant ads across all mobile demand sources, without interfering user experience. Take your mobile advertising to the next level!

Advanced Targeting Capabilities Target audiences according to a unique set of filters, such as demographics, psychographics, geolocation, online behavior, type of device, and operating system.
Use our revolutionary niche targeting settings for ultimate precision: frequency capping, dayparting, dynamic retargeting, IP targeting, and weather-triggered offers.

All types of Programmatic Ad Buying Buy impressions through RTB auctions in real-time, become an exclusive member of the invitation-only private marketplace (PMP), take an advantage of Automated Guaranteed or discover benefits of Programmatic Direct. Get the powerful value proposition before everyone else: drive incredible results with SmartyAds programmatic advertising solutions.

Instant Access to Global Demand Get access to advertising campaigns from premium ad networks, demand-side platforms, and ad agencies within a single interface. With unlimited access to demand partners, ad publishers can get the most of their inventory in a highly competitive programmatic environment. Expose your inventory to thousands of global advertisers and yield profits on your terms.

Seamless Integration w`hether ad publishers wish to sell inventory through premium marketplaces, programmatic guaranteed or open real-time bidding auctions, SmartyAds guarantees smooth integration and easy implementation. With a simple insertion of the code on the website or embedding the SDK into the app, ad publishers can start generating tangible revenues immediately. Jumpstart with programmatic with the custom solutions!

Mission mission is to design high-quality solutions that fully automate digital advertising. they help media buyers to reach their target audiences, deliver high-impact brand messages and drive revenues that exceed the most daring expectations. At the same time, we provide media owners with tools for effective web/mobile content monetization that leads to the best CPMs and higher fill rates. SmartyAds’ products allow launching highly predictive, optimized and consumer-oriented ad campaigns of any size.

Publisers Buy impressions through RTB auctions in real-time, become an exclusive member of the invitation-only private marketplace (PMP), take an advantage of Automated Guaranteed or discover benefits of Programmatic Direct. Get our powerful value proposition before everyone else: drive incredible results with SmartyAds programmatic advertising solutions. offers a full stack of ad monetization solutions for digital publishers & app developers that turns a digital space into a robust, yield-generating advertising tunnel. By complementing a web destination with relevant, highly contextualized ads, publishers gain greater value from their online audiences. Accelerate your selling efforts with SmartyAds traffic monetization platforms. Maximize revenues with multiple demand sources. Try proven programmatic technology to uncover the real value of your inventory!


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