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Soar Ico Review : Worlds First Fully Democratise Using Drone Content



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About Soar

Soar is a decentralized platform for high-quality drone content that connects customers with content creators in a secure, trustless and distributed blockchain community. The first stage of the implementation of Soar will be the creation of a marketplace for drone content including still images, video, aerial maps and other specialist drone content. The Soar marketplace will allow drone operators to upload and sell content to other Soar users anywhere in the world. The Soar marketplace has the potential to allow an exponential increase in the value of mapping data and drone content by realising the untapped financial potential of existing drone content.

Furthermore, by securing the integrity of drone content metadata via smart contracts, Soar automatically and transparently publishes the location, time and equipment type used to capture content onto the blockchain. The use of blockchain technology validates the authenticity of the footage to ensure the integrity of drone content and fight the problems such as ‘fake news’. However, this is not the end-game. Progressively, by aggregating the content collected from thousands of drone operators Soar will in due course create a dynamic database for the world’s first super-map at an unprecedented level of detail.

All connected using blockchain technology to share data. Leveraging the expansion in drone usage by both business and consumers, Soar will provide an opportunity for drone owners to monetise their content. Commercial drone sales in 2017 were expected to exceed US $1 billion1  The expanding drone market is largely driven by the tremendous growth in commercial applications of drone content and footage in industries such as infrastructure, mining, agriculture, journalism and real estate with an addressable market estimated to reach $127 billion by 20202.

The growth rates in the market have been estimated to be between 15-25% CAGR over the next five years3, 4 . Despite the rapid growth of the drone industry, there is an absence of a suitable marketplace for drone content or facility for licensed drone operators to fully optimise and monetise their content. Soar will directly address this lack of a market for content. Furthermore, there has not been direct access to mapping technology which would allow this content to effectively seed a super-map platform and take advantage of the extremely high-resolution content of which drones are capable.

Basic Information 

Token symbol SKYM
Social Media
Platform ERC-20
Token Generated 510,000,000 SKYM
Hard cap $20.8 M
Token Price ICO ——–
Token for public sale 132,950,000 SKYM
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Token Distribution

11.76% Team
31.37% Reserve for Product Development
12.47%=(1.72%+10.75%) Advisors+Partnership
26.07% Pre & public Sale
18.63% Community Building

Soar Vision

1 The Soar Opportunity

The Soar platform is tapping into an emerging market opportunity to become the leading open marketplace for drone content including photo and video content. Currently, most drone operators only use a single channel to sell their content: on commission from a customer. Moreover, in many instances, this content is limited to localized markets. This one-to-one approach to sourcing drone content limits the opportunity for drone operators to resell to other interested parties or organizations without it having to be re-flown.

The Soar platform’s approach will allow drone operators to potentially grow drone content sale and monetization to a global scale and unlock the potential value in underutilized drone footage. With its unique approach to validation of the drone content, buyers know exactly where and when drone content was collected and the blockchain technology ensures the integrity of this information is easily verified.

Why Does Soar Use A Blockchain?

The decision for Soar to use the Blockchain can be summed up by the utility of the blockchain in providing the verification and authenticity of drone content uploaded to Soar. By securing the integrity of drone content metadata through its smart contracts, Soar automatically and transparently publishes a range of data to the blockchain which includes:
Ϸ The file’s hash
Ϸ Location, date, altitude, type of drone used to collect the content
Ϸ Title, description, keywords and other information associated with the content
Ϸ Content storage address
Ϸ The wallet address of the drone operator
Ϸ The wallet address of the SkySponsor
Ϸ Sales transactions
When the blockchain technology is combined with Soar’s SkySponsor model (See Section 2.6), Soar provides an immutable record of content creation and distribution and support for the uploading of the content. The use of the blockchain to record drone metadata will prevent problems identified with such issues as drone content becoming part of the current problem with ‘fake news’.

Origins of Soar Technology

The strength of the Soar platform comes from almost a decade of development driven by the core objective to democratise geospatial technology to any potential user. During this period, the development team behind the Soar platform have launched several highly successful commercial mapping applications that have empowered tens of thousands of users from over 80 countries in the collection, visualisation, and analysis of geospatial data.

The Soar platform has evolved from a military pedigree when, in 2015, the Soar team were approached by the US Department of Defense to submit alternative mapping technologies on the back of the growing number of US Marines and Army units that required geospatial applications in tactical situations. The US military expressed interest in further developing this application so that it could run on a warfighters mobile device such as a tablet and radically enhance real-time geospatial awareness between tactical units in the field.

The Growing Drone Market

In this is document the following definition applies for the term ‘drone operator’: “Any individual or organization that has access to drone in a non-recreational role.” This definition includes individuals who are licensed drone operators, through to businesses and larger organizations which collect data as a service. Additionally, content creators can also be individuals or community groups which maintain expertise in the operation of drones and distribution of content collected by them.

Skymap Tokens

The Soar platform uses the SkyMap token (SKYM), an ERC20 compatible token which allows customers to utilize the platform and rewards content creators. The SKYM tokens will be used to:
Ϸ Purchase drone content;
Ϸ Qualify individuals and organisations as a SkySponsor on the Soar platform;
Ϸ Create SkyBounties for specific areas; and
Ϸ Provide the economic incentive for the eventual seeding of the world’s first super-map.
The SKYM token differentiates itself from a pure payment cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin: SKYM is not simply used as the method to a payment exchanged in return for a services but also allows certain interactions with the Soar platform, described later, that are not available to anyone not holding SKYM tokens.

End State: The Super-Map

The Soar team has been working tirelessly towards the goal of democratising geospatial technology and views the Soar platform as an important stepping stone in that story. Beyond the initial scope outlined in this document there is a range of ideas and opportunities to broaden the functionality of the Soar platform.

As the volume of content increases, the Soar platform organically grows into a compelling example of dynamic mapping. That is a map that grows and changes over time to reflect the ever-changing nature of our world. Beyond this, the coupling of drones and dynamic mapping would allow near real time intelligence for managing situations in progress such as natural disasters, security response, events management and construction.


Amir Farhand              CEO & Founder
Neil Prentice               Blockchain & Commercialisation
Chris Lowe                  Lead Blockchain Scientist
Willem Swanepoel      Lead Mobile Developer
Marek Tlačbaba          Blockchain Developer
Alasdair Penman         Blockchain Developer

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