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SolarStake ICO Review : Asset-Backed Token Where Each Token Represents 1 Watt Of Installed


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About SolarStake 

SolarStake is an asset-backed token where each token represents 1 watt of installed and revenue generating solar power. Net revenues from operation are reinvested into building out new solar installations, at which point additional Solarstake tokens are minted and distributed to existing token holders proportional to their holdings, thus retaining the 1 token = 1 watt relationship.

SolarStake project was conceptualized when Helios Energy and TapRoot Consulting teams met for dinner in London. Discussion soon turned to the funding methods currently available for Helios Energy to allow rapid but organic growth. After the seed of the idea was planted the roots of opening the funding up to Cryptocurrency Investors spread. All too often, smaller investors miss out on the best opportunities which is why set about creating a realistic and achievable solution to this, based on real world data.

Basic Information

Token NameSolarStake
Token SymbolSLRS
Social MediaSolarStake ICO Review : Asset-Backed Token Where Each Token Represents 1 Watt Of Installed SolarStake ICO Review : Asset-Backed Token Where Each Token Represents 1 Watt Of Installed
Soft cap
Hard cap
Tokens for sale
180 000 000 SLRS
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Why SolarStake 

SolarStake is offering an asset backed token secured by installation of photovoltaic panels on the Helios Energy estate. By utilising the Ethereum Blockchain are able to offer entry into the Series. A funding round usually reserved for larger investors and Venture Capitalists. This is possible by bundling together the investments of a wider group who would not usually meet the financial requirements. Your investment in SolarStake will fund an ownership stake in Helios Energy which is directly owned by SolarStake Token holders as preferred shares. By tokenising the investment into Helios Energy, SolarStake adds an additional incentive for the cryptocurrency investor: Staking rewards tied on a 1:1 basis to the growth of the Solar Energy that is installed.

How its work 

SolarStake is a project of Helios Energy, who will provision the installation and deployment of the solar energy purchased by Token holders. Helios Energy has 796,000 Watts of solar power already installed which generating revenues, with immediate plans to expand to over 2 MegaWatts. When you purchase SolarStake tokens during the ITO period, 90% of proceeds of that sale are used to fund an ownership stake in Helios Energy via purchase of shares in the company, which in turn are used to deploy photovoltaic installations.

SolarStake products

Each SolarStake token represents 1 Watt of installed solar power, which is feeding electricity into power grid and generating revenue that is used to maintain existing system and build out additional photovoltaic installations. As more systems are installed, more SolarStake tokens are generated, which are distributed proportionally existing SolarStake holders. Each SolarStake token will always represent 1 Watt of installed solar power, and no additional tokens will be created until new solar power is installed, ensuring that each token will always be fully backed by productive renewable energy.

Initial token offering

SolarStake’s Initial Token Offering (ITO) will begin August 1st, 2019 and will continue based on availability of Helios Energy shares. Each token is priced at $1, and there is a minimum purchase of 100 tokens. SolarStake has no Softcap because are investing into an operational business. Effective ITO Hardcap is limited to available Helios Energy shares.

Token distribution of SolarStake 

SLRS Investors

Represents the share of tokens distributed to the project’s investors.

Referral bonus

Represents the share of tokens available for the referral bonus scheme.


Represents the share of tokens distributed to the SolarStake team members responsible for operating the project.

Features of SolarStake 


Solar energy is a renewable energy source. This means that cannot run out of it as opposed to non-renewable energy sources such as coal and nuclear. SolarStake will have access to solar energy for as long as the sun is alive – another 6.5 billion years.


Solar energy is available all over the world. It’s not only in countries closest to the Equator which can put solar energy to use – Germany, for example, has by far the highest capacity of solar power in the world.

Eco friendly

Emissions associated with the manufacturing, transportation and installation of solar power systems are almost nothing when compared to more conventional energy sources. It is clear that solar energy reduces our dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

Low maintenance

The majority of today’s solar power systems do not require extensive maintenance.  Residential solar panels usually only require cleaning a couple of times a year. Serious solar manufacturers typically ship 20-25 year warranties with their solar panels.

Safety & security

SolarStake funds and accounts will be managed in conjunction with TapRoot Consulting, a technical partner engaged to ensure that the interests of token holders are represented.



Andrew Fornes, Business Development Lead

Gary Brook, Project Lead

Richard Mcclary, Technical Lead

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