SonoCoin Ico Review : Offering Data-over-Sound Solutions to Enterprises


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According To SonoCoin Website 

SonoCoin is Swiss blockchain project offering data-over-sound solutions to enterprises based on its native blockchain protocol. The coin’s .WAV file format gives anyone the power to transmit value and information using simple methods of delivery such as sound (similar to Shazam), messenger, QR and Bluetooth. SonoCoin’s blockchain platform is a “b-to-b-to-c” (b2b2c) model, where SonoCoin opens its blockchain platform to companies allowing the further development of its underlying technology to accommodate the needs of their customer base.

SonoCoin blockchain network will allow for corporations to build their own white labeled data-over-sound solutions. In order to verify transactions and to process the operations on the SonoCoin ecosystem, businesses would need to use the SonoCoin coins (Proof of Stake protocol, transitioning to Proof of Contribution), thus giving value to each coin. Ultimately, the SonoCoin team can build a tailor-made token to be used within the ecosystem of each corporation using the SonoCoin blockchain.

Token Basic Information

Token Name SonoCoin
Token Symbol SONO
Social Media SonoCoin Ico Review : Offering Data-over-Sound Solutions to EnterprisesSonoCoin Ico Review : Offering Data-over-Sound Solutions to EnterprisesSonoCoin Ico Review : Offering Data-over-Sound Solutions to Enterprises
Soft cap
12,500,000 EUR
Hard cap
67,500,000 EUR
Separate blockchain
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Why Sound?


Audible transactions can be initiated offline and verified on the blockchain at a later time when connected.

Device Agnostic

Audio transactions can be introduced to any devices with speakers and a microphone.

Cost Effective

SonoCoin is a software platform and therefore does not require large IT capital expenditures for implementation.


Brands see event sponsorship as a way to increase visibility and strengthen customer relationships, The challenge derives from the difficulty of directly engaging with the customer and accurately measuring the success of the campaign.


Using the SonoCoin application, brands will have the possibility to incentivize customers to purchase their products during the event at a discount, by using the coins distributed to the audience via audio transmissions.


  • SonoCoin can build a data-over-sound solution that will be represented by the company’s own coin.
  • SonoCoins team can build all necessary front-end client interfaces.
  • The Company’s coin name, logo and supply are completely customizable.
  • Coins can be used as company credits and are not subject to price fluctuations if they are controlled internally.
  • SonoCoins will fuel and verify operations on affiliate networks.

Why Blockchain?

Increased Speed

Of transaction and settlements through immediate distribution.

Increased Security

Through several layers of cryptography.

Reduced Fraud

By time-stamping entries and sharing a common, immutable ledger across the network.

Reduced Risk

Of single points of failure & attack through distributed network nodes.

Advertising Industry

SonoCoin looks to revolutionize the advertising industry by introducing the ultrasonic frequency transfer of coins through ads. Once a coin is collected, a customer will have the ability to exchange the SonoCoin for discounts on goods and services.

Technology Specifics


SonoCoin are currently transferrable via audio, messengers, email, QR code and Bluetooth.


SonoCoin functions using its own Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm.


SonoCoin .WAV file format allow users to safely store and back-up coins to virtually any platform including secure cloud services, USB sticks, and external hard drives.


Access to SonoCoin’s application is protected by a choice of password, fingerprint and facial recognition. Each SonoCoin .WAV file can be individually encrypted with a choice of password.

Why Should I Invest

  • SonoCoin technology functions differently than the tradition Bitcoin-wallet, since the data transmission system is directly linked to the blockchain, eliminating the extra layer of requiring a digital wallet.
  • back-end infrastructure is fully operational and the blockchain is live and running.
  • back-end infrastructure is fully operational and the blockchain is live and running.
  • A seamless and consistent user experience. Data can be transmitted and received using standard speakers and microphones, allowing for considerable cost advantages entirely based on a new blockchain protocol.
  • allows for cross-device flexibility and bypasses the physical limitations of short range radio-based protocols.


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