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Sportience ICO Review : Sportience is based on a blockchain technology


About Sportience 

Sportience is based on a blockchain technology and allow to have a real influence on a real professional football club. All the routine and boring processes will be supervised by the directors, and Sportience will collectively manage all aspects of its sport life – from transfers and contract renewals to the selection/dismissal of the coach and even the choice of the players for the game.

Basic Information

Token Name Sportience
Social Media Sportience ICO Review : Sportience is based on a blockchain technology
Token for sale 45,000,000 SPORTIENCE
Restricted countries No restrictions
Platform Waves
Country Estonia
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


The overwhelming majority of the monthly subscription revenue goes to club budget. Thanks to these financial investments, Sportience will buy influence on the main sports processes in the club the purchase of new players. the prolongation of the contract with the current players. coach selection/dismissal.The choice of the players for the game (it should be clarified that the final right to choose the players have the coach, but he will be obliged to listen to the opinion of the “influencers” and will understand that if the “influencers’” opinion is not taken into account and the club’s results deteriorate, he would have great chances to lose a job).

Positive impact

Sportience tokens will be charged to users for votes that have a positive impact on the sports results of the club. For example, a user start a poll about player’s participation in the next match. This poll has become popular and “influencers” decided to recommend to the coach to release him in the starting lineup. This player scored a goal and helped his team to win, so each “influencer” receive some tokens, and the poll creator will receive the most. This is a very simple example; Sportience will consider not only goals, but different football performance indicators too.



Sportience will be among the first blockchain projects that will give the possibility to earn to token owners, based not only on our project growth, but on the sports clubs success too. With the financial and even intellectual help of users, club results will be better and better, because they will have a possibility to buy more skilled players, have an alternative influential opinion on the choice of the players and tactics, thus excluding “one head mistake” etc. Therefore, fair money distribution will only grow, so “influencers” will not only spend in order to be a part of the club, but also earn on it.


The value of the Sportience tokens will only grow, as its quantity is limited, and there will be more and more money in the Sportience system not only with the help of new and renewable users, but also thanks to the money distribution – because the part of fiat money from buying tickets by fans, selling football players to another clubs, money awarding by the Football League for the matches won etc., would be exchanged in large amounts in Sportience tokens because fair distribution would be carried out only in tokens.


Sportience project is absolutely understandable, have simple and reliable monetization. In order to join, a person will need to buy Sportience tokens, so its price will only grow and Sportience firstvinvestors will observe the huge increase in Sportience tokens value. By cooperating with football clubs, they will immediately receive a lot of their fans as our users even without spending on marketing. When there will be more and more football and sports clubs in system, Sportience will see the rapid increase of average influencer payment amount per month.


Both pre-ICO and ICO have bounty programme aimed at a better marketing coverage.
1,000,000 Sportience tokens are reserved for Sportience bounty programme which will include White Paper and marketing materials translations (Chinese, German, Spanish) –
10,000 Sportience tokens for each translation direction. Mass media coverage (posting articles about Sportience) in English, Russian, Chinese, German and Spanish: online magazines,media platforms, etc.,the reward is determined by the popularity of the website.


This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject
matter hereof. All previous agreements, discussions, presentations, warranties, and conditions are combined in this document. There are no warranties, conditions or agreements, express or implied, between the parties, except as expressly provided in this Agreement. This Agreement may be amended only by a written document duly executed by the parties.


Viktoriya Ovcharova CMO
Mikhail Alekseev CTO
Roman Zhur CEO

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