SportyFi ICO Review : the first decentralized sports ecosystem connecting athletes


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According To SportyFi Website

SportyFi is the first decentralized sports ecosystem connecting athletes, clubs and organizations directly with fans and investors. Based on the Ethereum platform, SportyFi aims to disrupt the world of sports financing with the digital world of virtual currencies, opening new possibilities for individual athletes and sport organizations to raise sports funds on a global scale.

Basic Information

Token Name SportyFi
Token Symbol SPF
Social Media SportyFi ICO Review : the first decentralized sports ecosystem connecting athletesSportyFi ICO Review : the first decentralized sports ecosystem connecting athletesSportyFi ICO Review : the first decentralized sports ecosystem connecting athletes
Token Price 0.18 USD
Token supply 200,000,000 SPF
Platform Ethereum
Country Unspecified
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Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


The blockchain technology revolution enables SportyFi to actively participate in the coming
paradigm shift in the sports industry, reaching for goals that were beyond the horizon of realistic implementation before the advent of blockchain. SportyFi facilitates a revolution in the world of sports financing, providing a direct financial connection between athletes, sports clubs and sports organizations on the one hand, and the general public of fans, sports enthusiasts and individual businesspeople on the other.


During the SPF Token Pre-Crowdsale and Crowdsale, a total of up to 200 million of non-mineable SPF Tokens will be issued. Contributions will be made available in ETH(Ethereum)
only. Each ETH contributed for the entire duration of the SPF Token Crowdsale will entitle the contributor to approx. 2,500 SPF Tokens (the exact amount to be calculated and determined one day before the SPF Token Crowdsale starts, depending on the then value of ETH).



SportyFi’s Smart Manager Platform facilitates a revolution in the world of sports financing,
providing a direct financial connection between the athletes, sports clubs and organizations
with the public of fans, sports enthusiasts and individual businesspeople. The Smart Manager Platform is a blockchain-based sports crowdfunding platform, acting as an intermediary connecting those with an active need for funding with contributing crowds
on a micro level. The Smart Manager Platform can be used by anyone connected with sport, whether an athlete, a team, a club or any other sports organization.


The Donations Module will offer athletes a blockchain-based platform where they are able
to create profiles listing their current achievements and plans for the future, and their specific crowdfunding goals. Opening an account on SportyFi will be guided by SportyFi’s detailed instructions, and will be free of charge. A detailed presentation of the athlete is crucial for a successful crowdfunding campaign. Instructions embedded in the platform will guide each athlete to provide the best story for the donors, set the fundraising target, upload photos and provide engaging videos.


Once an athlete opens their personal account, they can start campaigning, and from that
moment on, success will predominantly lie in their own hands, and those of their networking supporters. If they catch the right momentum and their strategy is sound, backed by realistic potential, they will likely succeed in attracting financial interest. The campaign’s visibility is up to the athlete’s network from that point on, available for promotion on social media, with supporters, friends, relatives, fans and the general public.


The second pillar of the Smart Manager Platform, the Investment Module, will enable detailed sponsorship smart contracts of various types, and most importantly, the so-called complex investment smart contracts where an athlete, club or other sports organization can offer a longterm deal to financiers by committing a share of their future income or other revenue stream in exchange for an upfront investment.The Investment Module will offer athletes, teams, clubs and other sports organizations a blockchain/smart contract-based platform.


SportyFi’s Token Crowdsale initiative will allocate a part of the funds raised during the SPF Token Pre-Crowdsale and Crowdsale into a special SportyFi Professional Fund (i.e. all funds raised over USD 9,000,000, up to the hard cap will be allocated into the SportyFi Professional Fund). SportyFi will establish a special Advisory Board consisting of veteran competitors, coaches, scouts and other successful specialists. The Fund will invest into those athletes with the greatest perceived potential, in exchange for a future return based on revenue such as prize money, endorsements, appearances, image rights and similar rights of value.


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