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Stemchain Ico Review :Transparent Stem Donations, At Stellar Speeds


About Stemchain

STEMchain is a crypto-platform company who has conceived and operates the Crypto STEM Initiative TM
(CSI). The CSI has a singular focus on facilitating the large scale funding of effective and productive STEM
(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) organizations (e.g., research organizations, charities,
educational initiatives, etc.), across the globe, through a dedicated crypto-currency – STEM coin. The STEM
coin has been created on the Stellar Network for immediate distribution, exchange,
and transaction.
Operatively, STEMchain brokers fund the STEM organizations using the STEM coin and vet, train, and onboard
STEM organizations to accept STEM coin for their funding needs according to the
CSI 100% guarantee.
The CSI 100% guarantee requires that all funds received as STEM coins will be used for the STEM
the organization’s intended cause.

Basic Information

Token Price Spot Exchange Rate-Date of Transaction
Social Media
Max.token Supply 100B STEM
Platform Ethereum
Currency Accept ETH ,BTC ,XLM, USD, EUR, JPY, GBP
Max. Advisers,TeamA nd Reserve 10 B STEM
Token distribution Dates 8 Feb. 2018
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Distribution of Stemchain

Curation &Support of Partner Orgs 29%
Development 32%
Donor Community Outreach & Education 20%
General Admin 12%
Creative Support 7%
Total 100%

The Giving Market

There are millions of cryptocurrency users worldwide. Stemchain aim is to capture the attention of the existing
crypto-currency holders as well as to create a new home to draw in a whole new community of STEM
supporters wishing to fund STEM organizations through the STEM coin.
There are other crypto-coins that are listed on their own private network and/or listed across various
exchanges having a stated mission of supporting various charities and philanthropic causes. However, these
other crypto-coins are laden with the same inefficiencies that are currently plaguing the funding of STEM
organization – too broad as they may not focus on a particular charitable/philanthropic cause and the
organizations themselves do not comport to the 100% guarantee required by STEMchain leading to thin
transparency of how much of the donated coins are used on the receiving organization’s intended cause.

Current Problem

The funding of STEM organizations is currently decentralized and inefficient. Often funders are left to identify which STEM organizations are noteworthy, productive, and effective.
These organizations do not dedicate 100% of the funds received to their mission. When private funds (e.g., donations) are provided to STEM organizations, there is little to no insight regarding how such funds are being spent by these organizations. In some instances, for example, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, 72.1% of the funds donated are used for the intended cause where the other 27.9% may be used for operational costs, marketing

Partner Organizations and Funders

The STEM coin is a token that is created for the transaction using the Stellar protocol on the Stellar network. As
such, STEM coin leverages the available functions and operations available to parties transacting tokens on
the Stellar network inclusive of Stellar’s decentralized exchange.

Transparency into how donations are being spent

STEMchain was created to address the shortcomings of existing STEM organization funding practices by offering a centralized directory of successful and effective STEM organizations that have agreed to the CSI 100% guarantee. The STEM organizations are incentivized to adopt and adhere to the CSI 100% guarantee through STEMchain’s CSI seed and donation match program. In this context, STEMchain, beyond onboarding the STEM organization to accept and transact STEM coins, seeds each of the STEM organizations with a defined amount of STEM coin as well as matches, coin for coin, up to a set limit, each coin that has been donated to the STEM organization. The expected outcome is the efficient and large scale funding of STEM organizations using the STEM coin

How Organizations Spend STEM Coins

  1. Through an Exchange
    a. Organization sells STEM coin for other currency through an exchange (fiat or other cryptocurrency).
    b. Organization use proceeds from the exchange transaction to purchase products and/or services for the
    Organization’s initiative(s).
  2. Through a Vendor
    a. Organization purchases products and/or services directly from the vendor (that accepts STEM coins as a
    payment modality) using STEM coins


George J. Awad          Founder/Executive Chairman
Greg Pfeiffer               Operations
John DeSouza             Product Design
Kelsey Kramer             Curation
Andre Pottinger            Marketing Design

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