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Storecoin ICO Review : Storecoin is a zero-fee, p2p cloud computing platform


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About Storecoin 

Storecoin is a zero-fee, p2p cloud computing platform.Storecoin enabling data to be tokenized, open, and tradable.Storecoin enabling data to be programmable money (datacoins). The public blockchain will be coordinated by a governance of checks and balances.

Basic Information

Token NameStorecoin
Token SymbolSTORE
Social MediaStorecoin ICO Review : Storecoin is a zero-fee, p2p cloud computing platformStorecoin ICO Review : Storecoin is a zero-fee, p2p cloud computing platformStorecoin ICO Review : Storecoin is a zero-fee, p2p cloud computing platform
Hard cap7,950,000 USD
Token Price0.169 USD
AcceptingETH, BTC, USDT
CountryUnited States of America
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


Storecoin believe that every meaningful piece of data can be structured, categorized, and tokenized for easy discoverability and trading. Data can be represented by a private key and transformed into a cryptocurrency. By 2025, it’s estimated the world will emit 175 Zettabytes of data — 5x more than today and expected to grow by a factor of 50.


Most of this data is currently unusable, and the data that can be used is owned and controlled by centralized companies. A free and open market economy across all industries, governments, IoT devices, and more can exist for this data to be structured, tokenized, and available for global trading. The Storecoin blockchain and the STORE token will secure this new economy.



The Storecoin project is laser-focused first on securing its zero-fee settlement layer. Storecoin team is researching and building this scalable and decentralized zero-fee payments infrastructure now. As security with scalability is proven, Storecoin will open up miner (dWorker) participation to anyone in the world. From there, the secure settlement layer can evolve into a p2p cloud platform for the decentralization of data and the creation of new, zero-fee tokenized apps (tApps).

High scalability

One side effect of the “one block at a time” construct is the possibility of chain forks, which can happen at every block height. This possibility prevents blocks from finalizing instantly — a certain number of future blocks must be built on top of the current block to improve the probability of irreversibility of the current block. Moreover, all the nodes must run the expensive logic to determine the longest chain for every block added to the blockchain. BlockFin addresses this waste in order to achieve high scalability.


The Messagenodes create a chain of empty blocks at genesis time and when required in the future. This ensures that there is a single chain, whose authenticity and integrity can be verified with the Merkle root of signatures of the Messagenodes in the empty blocks. When transactions are submitted to the Validators, they don’t broadcast them to other Validators, but instead, send them to the Messagenode network. ARB ensures that at least (⅔ + 1) Messagenodes agree on which transaction batches are included in the next empty block. Once an agreement is reached, the Messagenodes notify the connected Validators that the assembled block is ready for validation.

Block hashes

Two block hashes — block creation hash and block validation hash — secure Storecoin blockchain.The blocks in Storecoin blockchain are secured by two block hashes as shown above. A hash created at block creation time links all the block and a second hash links all the finalized blocks. The block assembly and validation steps are pipelined, so they can run in parallel by respective tiers as shown in the following diagram, resulting in improved scalability.


Developers sell their tokenized data using one of the two options: In the first option, developers exchange their datacoins (representing data that the developer expects to create through future use of their software) for zero-fee access to the dWorker’s compute resources. If dWorkers, through governance, approve the application and agree to provide compute resources in exchange for the developer applicant’s datacoins, those datacoins have a new effective monetary premium.



Chris Mccoy CEO
Rag Bhagavatha CTO

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