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About is a project developed by Ailia SA, a company based in Switzerland, active in the field of “IT services” and innovation in the sectors of blockchain and AI technological transformation. Mario Carlini, current CEO, acquired AiliA SA in early 2018 and, following a first and in-depth study on the functionality of public Blockchains, he establish Takamaka.

The team consists of the best professionals in IT and mathematics and cryptography, both Italian and Swiss. “Takamaka is a valley on the French island of Réunion where a network of waterfalls flows into a river. This is similar to Takamaka´s smart contracts, i.e. separate objects collaborating on a global storage shared in the blockchain.” introduces an innovative Proof Of Stake solution, which allows a high degree of transaction reliability under normal working conditions (1,000,000 Tx/h). In this context, the verification process and the Blockchain algorithm permit the realisation of a self-financing network and the creation of a digital currency for the organization of the Blockchain reward system, which evolves and not influenced by foreign actors.

Token Basic Information

Token SymbolTMA
Token TypeERC-20
Ticks per minute2,00
AddressWeinberghöhe 27,6300 Zug, CH
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Mission Blockchain was developed in order to offer high levels of interoperability, business processes, development of cryptographic assets and ease of use in the programmability of its Smart contracts thanks to Java. It is a fully programmable Java Open project, which has the potential to change the approach of those businesses that are preparing to enter the Blockchain world, thanks to an easy-to-use programming language and a double coin that will guarantees certainty of costs during use. Takamaka responds to these needs, improving and simplifying access to the Blockchain and its incredible potential.


Takamaka is a blockchain made by people for people, is technology made simple and fast, is transactions made easy, is a new form of trust between the real and virtual world.

Takamaka Features

High performance is a protocol similar to Ethereum, but faster and safer, designed to be used in Java, with a usable code of use, which makes the approach friendly to those who start ideas and projects with blockchain.

High level of security

TakaMaka is a free, public, open source and new generation blockchain, with a high degree of security and reliability, high performance, running Smart Contract and entirely developed in JAVA.

Low and fixed costs manages two simultaneous coins, one called Green Coin (TKG), the other called Red Coin (TKR). The first coin is standard, necessary for the operation of the PoS and to ensure the longevity of the blockchain; the second one is stable anchored to the dollar, for value transfers and payment of transaction costs.

Easy Development

Takamaka has chosen Java language to program the entire infrastructure of the blockchain: from the node to smart contracts the only thing you need to know is Java.

Proof Of Stake

To achieve network consensus and the creation of new blocks, Takamaka uses a Proof of Stake algorithm, called TPOS. Takamaka TPOS is built on a 30-second time division, SLOT, and in each SLOT a block is forged.

User friendly

if the main requirement is to work in an infrastructure that can easily allow anyone to become operational immediately, is the answer. Often training is the main problem of working with new technologies. The overcomes this entry barrier by using development patterns and established technology.

In addition, the company has the creation of an extensive library of specific documentation in the pipeline, with practical examples and step-by-step guides so that those who choose to work with TakaMaka, feel confident in the quality and validity of what is developed.

Team Ico Review: Low and Fixed Costs

Why Takamaka is a valley in French Réunion island, where a network of waterfalls converge into a river. This is similar to Takamaka smart contracts, that is, distinct objects that collaborate over a shared global storage in the blockchain.


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