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Talketh ICO Review : A Proven Internet Calling Service


About Talketh 

Talketh combining the power of the blockchain with the availability of a proven Internet calling service on the world’s smartphones, Talketh offers a unique commercial opportunity to deliver affordable Internet telephone calls to everyone.

Basic Information

Token Name Talketh
Token Symbol VOX
Social Media Talketh ICO Review : A Proven Internet Calling ServiceTalketh ICO Review : A Proven Internet Calling ServiceTalketh ICO Review : A Proven Internet Calling Service
Hard cap 35,000,000
Token price 1.00 USD
Token for sale 37,500,000 VOX
Country Switzerland
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


When a subscriber’s Ethereum address transfers VOX tokens to the Talketh app, the user is
granted access to the platform and their app credit balance is increased …no bank or credit
card required, just the blockchain. VOX tokens are acquired by users by simply scratching off the foil on the Talketh blockchain scratch-card. The value of the credit transfer, expressed in micro Ether, or is made available for the user to spend to access services inside the app; at a fraction of the cost of traditional cellular calls and messages.


Throughout the world, most smartphone users are aware of affordable Internet calling in
one form or another. However, they cannot subscribe to them because they are unbanked
and have no way of making an online payment. Other common Internet calling apps like WhatsApp or WeChat provide free app to app calls. However, these apps need high-speed Internet, users cannot call a cell phone, or a fixed line, and can only call people who also have this app on their phone.

Lack high speed internet

The developed world has long benefitted from Internet calling using copper or fibre-optic
based Internet services. However, emerging economies never had cabled Internet delivered to homes. Emerging economies typically get their Internet service from cellular operators. The problem is that over 3.5 billion people cannot access the high speed 4G data service required for traditional Internet calling. Therefore, only an Internet telephone solution designed from the ground up to work on legacy 2G and 3G cellular networks.


Business model

In delivering a communications platform to unbanked and the data under-served Talketh is positioned to become the “go to” communications solution in emerging economies as it solves a real-world problem at a fraction of the price currently being paid3. expect significant user growth given the network effect of users that need service will drive others to join community in order to be part of the same eco-system as their loved ones and regional business contacts.


Talketh will use TGE proceeds to accelerate the delivery, distribution, marketing and
scaling of the world’s first blockchain telecommunication service unbanked, underbanked and banked alike. As veterans in this space, will strengthen teams on the ground, create regional distribution channels and rollout a large decentralized telephone service that will deliver the best Internet call quality in world. high-quality pay-as-you-go communications platform for the unbanked and the data under-served.

Smart contracts

Blockchain team led by Andrew Le Gear, PhD and have already launched several optimized Ethereum smart contracts. Through these efforts, have developed a deep understanding of the operation and optimization of Ethereum. In the voice space, team has been developing and deploying optimized Internet calling solutions over the last 8 years. Have unparalleled experience in the challenges and solutions that Internet calling needs in emerging economies.

Software solutions

License software solutions to telecommunications operators in the mobile, fixed line and
satellite markets. Continue to build up our communications IP portfolio through Horizon Globex GmbH, incorporated in Switzerland. optimized software, known as SmartPacket™, uses internet bandwidth much more efficiently than competitors. Using SmartPackets™, massively improved the efficiency by which voice signals are wirelessly transmitted on the Internet; resulting in a 9x reduction in the capacity required for a high-quality voice call.




Brian Collins Chief Executive Officer

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