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Tekycorp.com Ico Review : World’s first Ecommerce Token


About Tekycorp.com

Tekycorp.com is an e-retailer of smart technology toys & courses to empower the present and future generation by technology, to improve their competitive capacity beyond robotic workforce and artificial intelligence.TEKY was founded in June 2016 by the leading and reputed professionals in 3 main industries including Technology, E-Commerce, and Education, whose startups were invested by eBay.

Tekycorp.com ECOSYSTEM E-commerce MEK.store is specialising in smart-tech toys and the gadget market available for all ages, aimed at global market; Education & E-learning TEKY is a Technology Academy for the children from 4 to 17 years old in 3 main categories including Programming & Application Development, Robotics & Engineering, and 3D Technology & Multimedia at its Lab chains, school partners, franchisees, and e-learning platform.

Basic Information

Token Name Tekycorp
Token Symbol TKC
Social Media twitter icon -
Currency Accept ETH/USD
Token Type ERC20
Language English
Hard Cap ==========
Soft Cap ==========
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The platform 

Global Market

MEK plans to target global market but support local languages; firstly it will focus to the targeted countries and consumers using English (for English-speaking consumers), Chinese (for the global Chinese community), indigenous languages in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Bahasa, Tanalog, Thai) and other languages according to the business development road map.

The most diversified

With tens of thousands of different SKUs (stock keeping units), we will focus on the following categories:– Electronics, Audio: computers, mobile phones, TVs, sound systems;

– Smart new Technology: smart houses & IOT; flying devices including drones, fly-cam; 3D printers, robots;
– Gadgets and smart toys for all ages;
– STEM toys: available for groups from 4 to 18 years old;
– Engineering parts, accessories and toolkits: Developed kit, creative kit; Electronic components; Sensors; Wireless & IOT; Batteries & Accessories; Tools of all kinds; Other accessories.

Problems and Needs 

Market needs

Nowadays, in the digital world, technology is indispensable from life using a lot of advanced tech
toys and devices. Many reports have shown that there is an incredible demand for tech-toys in the
near term and in the future.
● CCS Insight Research Company has revealed that the headphone market especially for VR
is estimated to increase 800% between 2017 and 2021, reaching 22 million units. In China,
VR market revenue is estimated to reach 3.6 billion USD in the next 5 years.
● According to Time.com and Statista.com, the gadgets market value will reach 642 billion
USD in 2017 and the toys-to-life market will reach 4.98 billion Euros in 2016.
● According to toyassociation.com, Asia Pacific is racing to be the leading market for STEM toy sales with a    revenue of 1.0 billion USD and this volume in the United States was only 576 million USD in 2013 with an     annual growth rate of 10%

 Market Problems

With the current development of technology, sooner or later, personal technology devices will be commonplace for everyone around the world. These devices will be used not only for work, but also for playing and learning. This creates a great opportunity for TEKY to bring innovative, smart, convenient, and user-friendly solutions to the global marketplace, especially for the “Crypto global nation”

The Solution 

Tekycorp.com is a product of TEKY Holdings and our ecommerce website is located at http://MEK.store. It provides Technology products and smart toys FOR ALL AGES through a cross border drop-ship model with two distribution centers with consolidation and inspection services in the USA and China. MEK.store is one of the rare & first e-Commerce websites in the world that accept payments in different crypto currencies.

Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract

The Tekycorp.com platform uses blockchain technology based on smart contracts with Ethereum. Blockchains makes the operation of the company transparent and ensures that payment is only finalized when the service is completed.

Multi-lingual Platform

Tekycorp.com plans to support local languages to the targeted countries and consumers including English (for English-speaking consumers), Chinese (for the global Chinese community), indigenous languages in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Bahasa, Tanalog, Thai) and other languages according to the business development road map.

Transparent price & no hidden fee

The total price is listed transparently by USD on the website to customers. Shipping costs will be calculated and displayed as soon as the customer places the order.

Simple and secured payment methods

Product price will be in USD and converted into crypto currencies or fiat currencies when buyers
checkout. Accepted payment methods are:
● The coin MEK and other crypto currency: This is MEK’s prioritized payment method in
expanding business activities. MEK tokens are aimed at the bitcoin community who are
technology savvy and demanding.
● International payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal: Buyers can directly link their credit card to the account at MEK.store to enable 1-click payment service that helps to complete the order quickly without many steps. With its expertise in e-commerce and epayment business, MEK provides a secure, simple and friendly payment service to its customers.
● At a later stage, in order to expand offers to non-credit card users, MEK will integrate its platform with local payment gateways that support local banks in major market countries
such as South East Asia, Russia, Japan, Korea, India as needed. Buyers simply select the shipping address and the system will automatically suggest the local payment gateway that can be used and other options if appropriate. This is also a special competitive advantage of MEK.store compared to other international e-commerce websites who only accept payment by credit cards.

The Competitive Advantages

● The world’s first ecommerce token;
● The Pioneer in STEM education market – The niche market with global scalability;
● The advantage of the ecosystem;
● A team of experts with experience and many achievements in the field of e-commerce, online payments, International Logistics and Technology innovation in Education.


Through funding into subsidairy operating companies in each country, the $25 million raised will be used for the sole purpose of expanding the ecosystem over the next five years (from the beginning of 2018 to the end of 2022), reaching the goal of 10 million customers, thereby increasing the value of MEK Tokens.
 $3 million: Build, develop and maintain Tekycorp.com platform and MEK’s infrastructure for decentralized model based on the Blockchain platform.
 $1 million: Marketing costs for pre-ICO and ICO campaigns;
 $16 million: for business development and marketing expenses;
 $4 million: HR expenses for MEK and TEKY to customers.
 $1 million: Administrative, office & other costs

Benefit for investors

  • Run by reputed brand and experienced team, MEK is safe to invest.
  • TEKY is an active established business that is growing rapidly and TEKY’s goal is to provide investors with  the most attractive terms and conditions to invest and gain profit, including 3 main benefits:
  • MEK Tokens could be used to purchase any product on MEK.store and used for courses at TEKY          Academy;
  • Keep tokens to receive dividends from the company;
  • Freely trade MEK Tokens on Crypto Currency Exchange platforms for profit;
  • For the dividend distribution model, the profit of the company will be distributed as follows:
  • 25% Profit is for annual investors’ dividends. For the first year, dividends will be paid on March 15,
  • 2019 and will be made available to the tokens holder who purchased the token during the ICO sale. The  dividend  distribution in the following years will be made to the token holders as of March 15 of the year (n +for the business performance of year n. Dividends will be paid in the Ethereum (ETH) containing the smart contract in proportion to the investment in Tekycorp.com by the investor.
  •  25% of the profit gained will be used to buy MEK tokens in the market to increase the market value of  MEK. When the amount of MEK tokens on the market is less, the MEK token holder’s dividends will increase accordingly.
  • When the market value of the MEK token increases, It is cheaper to purchase products by MEK than other currencies on MEK; Therefore, it is more effective to encourage consumption at MEK.store.


Emme Dao – Group CEO & Founder
Jack Yang – Group CTO & Co-Founder
Luca Mohammadi – Group CFO
Francis Adriano – Head of E-commerce
Kata JM – Head of Academy & Co-Founder
Lu Xiao Duan – Head of Supply Chain
Lee Mint – Head of Offline Retail & Co-Founder

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