Best 5 Wallet For Tezos To Store Tezos Safely

About Tezos

The Tezos network makes decisions based on community consensus. Each owner of Tezos can vote for a specific development. Therefore, no rigid fork of the main chain is required. With this control mechanism, developers suggest changing protocols. After the protocol is listed, Tezos owners vote for them. The protocol change with the largest number of votes is executed on the network.

Encryption that keeps users at the heart of all decisions is very difficult to imagine. However, there is Tesoth. But one problem with Tezos is that there is no official wallet to keep it….

Best 5 Wallet For Storing Tezos  

1. TezBox Wallet

This is the first GUI wallet designed for Tezos. It was released during the ICO Tezos. It was developed by community members. TexBox has a very user-friendly interface, and Wallet stores all addresses (public and private) locally on the user’s device. This wallet is available on all platforms. You can use the application on your mobile phone or use an online wallet in a web browser.

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2. Wallet

This is a lightweight wallet for storing Tezos coins. This wallet is currently available in the Google Play Store and the Microsoft App Store. Apple iPhone users must wait a while before they appear in the App Store. However, you can omit the wait time by downloading the beta version of the iOS app. The wallet is light but does not damage functionality or security. It provides multi-level encryption to protect secret keys from hackers. The only problem is that Wallet cannot be used as a web application. But if this is not a problem, this is a very competent Tezos wallet.

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3. Tezlet Wallet

This is another potential Tezos wallet. Maintaining user’s anonymity and security is central. It works on Android and iOS devices. However, this application is still in the beta stage of the iOS platform. This wallet also does not have a network wallet function.

4. Kukai

This is another open source wallet by Tezos. This is the only complete web-based wallet on the Tezos network. On this platform, you can create a new wallet and import an existing wallet. The process of creating a new wallet is very simple, and because of the random movement of the mouse, the wallet seed/master key can never be predicted.

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The wallet directly mediates the Tezos network. Users can use this to send and receive Tezos tokens. The most unique feature of this wallet is to support offline signatures. The user is taken offline and can sign up for transactions using private keys. You can broadcast transactions later while the user is reconnecting to the Internet. The application is still in beta. Such short-term support continues to show the true potential of this wallet.

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5. Wetez

Wetez is an early Tezos company dedicated to developing secure digital wallets for coin storage and approval for the Tezos ecosystem and XTZ token owners. Wetez is probably the earliest Tezos core company in China and one of the largest companies. Wetez offers Tezos wallets for easy sending and receiving XTZ. It also integrates Teosos delegate services into iOS and Android apps.

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Tips for securely storing your Tezos wallet

  • ETC compatibility. Make sure any wallet you choose is compatible with Tezos tokens. For example, some wallets provide support for Tezos but not Tezos , so check the fine print closely before signing up.
  • User-friendly interface. Particularly if you’re new to cryptocurrency, managing your coins and tokens can be complicated and confusing. With this in mind, choosing a wallet with a simple, straightforward and intuitive user interface is a big advantage.
  • Security features. Look for a wallet that allows you to retain control of your private keys at all times. In addition, look for additional security features like multi-sig functionality, two-factor authentication and extra protection from a secure PIN.
  • Backup options. Is the wallet easy to backup? What will you need to do to restore the wallet and access your funds in a worst-case scenario?
  • Ongoing development. Check to see whether the wallet is from a reputable provider and is backed by a strong development team. Is it constantly being upgraded and improved to add extra features, support for more currencies and increased security?
  • Customer support. It’s also important to know whether you’ll be able to access customer support if you ever have a problem with your wallet or a particular transaction. Find out what you need to do to contact the support team and whether they have a good reputation for actually offering timely assistance.
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