The Ethereum looks pretty bad. See Our Signal About Ethereum

The Ethereum , the shopkeeper had to correct a mistake yesterday. Goldman S. put aside the opening of the digital currency trading counter for false news, but no specific timetable.

This is a relatively important news that the treasurer thought that caused market volatility yesterday. It has been confirmed as false news today.

However, the market’s response was not large, but only slightly rebounded to around 6500, indicating that this news only affected the sentiment of some traders to a certain extent, rather than the main cause of market decline.

This time, the market’s decline is due to the market’s own declining demand. The market is still in a very fragile state. As soon as the winds and the The Ethereum move, everyone begins to run, and market confidence is still lacking.

The market was in the rest period after the waterfall, and the overall rebounded slightly.

At present, 8 of the top 100 market capitalizations in the 24h market fell, 92 rose, and the top ten currency currencies rose across the board;

The total value of the global digital currency was 207.3 billion US dollars, and the transaction volume was temporarily reported at US$13.6 billion. The volume could shrink and return to the previous level. The small varieties and the market rebounded, and the platform currencies of the three major trading platforms also rebounded with the market;

The market climate is sunny after the rain.

The trend of the big cake is still very weak. From the 30-minute cycle, there have been five obvious upper shadow lines in the short-term, all around the top of the small stage 6530.

Except for the first abnormal pin, the other four times indicate that the pressure of this generation is obvious.

At the same time, the amount of decline is increasing and the probability of continuing to search for support is greater.

In the long cycle, the pie is already near the big change window, so you can watch more and move less.

At present, the OKEx quarterly contract is 86 points relative to the spot discount, and investor pessimism is closer to yesterday.

ETH – Ethereum:

In a few days, I did not seriously study the trend of Ethereum. Today I mainly talk about three points;

  1. The volume of this round of decline is obviously larger than that of the previous round, indicating that there are more funds for bottom-up, and there are also short-term losses that are more serious than the last time. Therefore, the positive significance needs to be discounted, and it is necessary to look at the follow-up trend.
  2. The K-line form of a cross-star on the daily line can be a down relay or a signal to stabilize. However, considering the situation of the entire market, the possibility of a down relay is greater.
  3. The price of the currency is still outside the Bollinger Band. The decline has broken through the lower track and has the need for in-orbital movement. However, it also indicates that the downward momentum is still sufficient, and a newly accelerated decline may be formed at any time. It is temporarily safe.

EOS – Grapefruit:

Judging from the 30-minute cycle chart of grapefruit, the short-term trend is technically, and it is also dominated by unfavorable factors. The upper suppression is approaching, the heavy volume is falling, and the change is approaching;

However, the current position of the grapefruit is far from the rising point of the last big market, and the low point of this year’s decline is still relatively close, there will be better support.

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