The Kudos Project Ico Review : The Blockchain Protocol for Trusted Ratings

About The Kudos Project

The Kudos Mission is the cryptocurrency for service-oriented companies; it’s a technique to fee and reward employees and customers impartially. By utilizing the blockchain to realize transparency, Kudos will convey belief in scores by cryptographically verified transactions that can not be manipulated by advertisements or algorithms—the shift may even assist get rid of tipping discrimination. Because the service and market economies have boomed, a lot of the wealth created has remained within the palms of the platform house owners and buyers. Ideas and rewards have been misaligned which creates inconsistent experiences on each side. Kudos solves this drawback by rewarding customers and employees based mostly on their precise efficiency and utilization. Kudos will turn out to be important infrastructure for companies throughout all service economies in the present day — from ridesharing to espresso retailers to eating places — and turn out to be the spine of net 3.Zero and the blockchain-based companies of tomorrow.

Basic Information

Token NameThe Kudos Project
Token SymbolTHP
Social MediaThe Kudos Project Ico Review : The Blockchain Protocol for Trusted RatingsThe Kudos Project Ico Review : The Blockchain Protocol for Trusted RatingsThe Kudos Project Ico Review : The Blockchain Protocol for Trusted Ratings
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As the service and marketplace economies have boomed, the majority of the wealth created has remained in the hands of the platform owners, developers, and investors. Key incentives for workers and users — tips and rewards — have been misaligned, fundamentally shaping inconsistent experiences.

That’s why they introducing Boomerang – the operating protocol for marketplaces using blockchain technology to reward users and workers with tokens based on performance and usage.

Who We Are

The Boomerang Project is being built and implemented first by Skedaddle. At Skedaddle, vision is to build a global, on-demand and flexible long-distance transit network to replace fixed bus, train and car services. They launched Skedaddle in 2015 with the goal of revolutionizing transportation in and out of cities by connecting people to any destination of their choosing on comfortable and affordable vehicles

The Boomerang 

The Boomerang protocol gives businesses across all service-based industries the ability to reinforce optimal behavior/engagement for users and workers alike via programming user rewards using Boomerang and rewarding workers according to performance based ratings, respectively. No deep understanding of blockchain technology will be necessary, as the protocol will layer directly on top of existing payment processing and POS systems. Thus, Boomerang will become the first mainstream protocol and token for everyday use across all service economies that are sustained by users and workers. Boomerang will become essential infrastructure for real businesses today — from ridesharing to coffee shops to restaurants — and become the backbone of web 3.0, blockchain-based businesses tomorrow.

Skeaddle Lunching

Over the past two years, we have realized how much value we can create for business when we treat drivers fairly through equitable rewards. As they began to design a performance-based rewards structure, they realized that the underlying protocol they built could also be used by other businesses to power rewards and payments and transform the entire service economy.

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Token Raised

A token sale is necessary to bring Boomerang to market. The proceeds of the token sale will be used to support the development and marketing of the protocol through its implementation within Skedaddle and beyond. Proceeds will also be used to establish and maintain the Boomerang Foundation.

The Solution: Kudos

By using blockchain-based technology, we can build a protocol that will solve all of the problems outlined above. The solution relies on hashing transactions to ratings and then publishing and storing each value using the blockchain to ensure that data cannot be manipulated by anyone, even by blockchain developers on the Kudos team. In doing so, each rating will translate to a fair and proportional Kudos reward for both the worker and the business. With this function, Kudos will act as the operating protocol for rewarding workers and users in service-based businesses

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Kudos Wallet

The Kudos wallet will be an integral feature of every rider account in consumer-facing app. Riders will be able to transfer Kudos and connect US bank accounts for real-time liquidity conversions from token to fiat using a third party like Coinbase ( or Gemini ( The wallet will be simple and won’t require riders to have any prior knowledge about cryptocurrencies to earn or redeem Kudos.

Riders will be able to redeem Kudos in the following ways:
Redeeming on reservation for discount
Redeeming for featured/sponsored route
Redeeming for upgraded/special vehicle and/or experience

The first verified rating system

In binding the rating and transaction hash to the blockchain, Boomerang will power the first verified, global, and trustworthy ratings system for businesses.

Each transaction/rating value will be aggregated to the business level. Flawed user-generated review sites will be replaced with a Dapp consumers can trust is not manipulated by ads and falsehoods.

Adam Nestler CEO
Lou Harwood CTO

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