The survey shows that nearly 80% of Americans have heard of Bitcoin

A new survey by market research firm YouGov shows that less than 50 % of millennials are willing to use cryptocurrencies instead of dollars as the main form of payment.

The company on Thursday announced the results of its latest poll, the survey was Yue 29 days and 30 to date 1,202 asked about their understanding of and interest in the currency of encryption Americans. According to the survey, 79 % of respondents have heard of at least one cryptocurrency, and 71 % of them have heard of bitcoin. The second most widely known cryptocurrency is the Ethereum, but only 13 % of respondents said they have heard of it.

Even so, 87 % of people have heard of bitcoin but have not traded. Half of them said they would not plan to buy Bitcoin in the future.

The survey results show that 19 of respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 “ very interested ” with cryptocurrency and another 29 % are “ interested”. On the other hand, 50 % of millennials say they do not intend to use cryptocurrency as their primary payment method. In other ages, the data has changed. Overall, 36 % of respondents are interested in using cryptocurrency as a payment method.

In addition, the survey also pointed out that a considerable number of people believe that cryptocurrency may become a ” widely accepted ” financial instrument in the future.

“ Although few people plan to buy Bitcoin immediately, more than one-third ( 36 %) believe that cryptocurrency will be widely accepted in the next 10 years, becoming a means of legal purchases and transactions. Millennials ( 44 %) It is the group of people in all age groups who are most likely to think that cryptocurrency will be widely accepted. About one-third ( 34 %) of Generation and 29 % of Baby Boomers agree.

Nonetheless, one in four respondents believes that cryptocurrencies are still mainly used for illegal transactions, and another 19 % believe that cryptocurrencies are also used for legal and illegal transactions. Only 17 % of respondents believe that cryptocurrency is primarily used for legitimate transactions.

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