The White Paper: What Benefits Do You Get by Making It Multilingual?

The White Paper: What Benefits Do You Get by Making It Multilingual?

If you have an idea for a new project or you’re looking to expand your small startup, it’s a challenge to acquire funding. Angel investors are flooded with requests for financing. They’re wealthier than ever before but also more sophisticated. What do you do if an angel investor refuses to dole out money for you? Venture capital financing isn’t an option. You’re better off going for an ICO.

ICO is a low-cost, less-regulated option to raise funds. ICO funding can bring in three-digit million sums of investments for tech companies. In 2018, ICO managed to raise $4,1 billion. The first half of 2019 was marked by positive news, as ICO succeeded in raising $2 billion and the number is expected to grow.

Every initial coin offering must include a whitepaper. It informs the reader about the complex issue and proposes ways to solve it, in addition to describing the technology. Token buyers and investors want to understand what the product does and what the benefits for the short term and long term are. Everything depends on the quality of this white paper. If you’re looking to increase visibility in a saturated space, make sure it’s adapted to meet the needs of multilingual buyers and investors.

A multilingual white paper is a formidable addition to your marketing strategy. Here’s why.

Language Is No Longer A Barrier: Good Translation Facilitates Understanding

Barriers to communication arise when people don’t speak the same language. Misunderstandings and even misinterpretations are the most common outcomes. Not all people in the world speak English. Actually, only 379 million individuals speak English as their native language. To make sure that your message reaches and engages multilingual buyers and investors, get your white paper translated. While this isn’t an easy exercise, it’s a worthwhile one.

People who invest in the cryptocurrency must understand what it’s about and have complete trust in you. Insufficient linguistic competence limits access to the comprehension of significant information and can lead to poor response decisions. This is precisely why the thesis should be presented in more than one language. Data is more engaging and easier to understand. What is more, people will appreciate the fact that you made an effort to communicate with them in their mother tongue. They can interact with you in the language that they’re most comfortable with.

Multilingual buyers and investors can read and respond to the policy issues taken into consideration. Think about having the whitepaper translated to:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Dutch

Readers get access to content that they fully understand. It’s better to use help from a professional translator. Don’t rely on a bilingual amateur. Make sure that the white paper is clearly and effectively written.

Convince Readers About Your Team’s Competence and Experience

If you’re thinking about approaching potential investors for your upcoming ICO, perfect your pitch. You must convince people that the team behind the initial coin offering has what it takes. Place emphasis on the competence of your team. As mentioned earlier, token holders aren’t necessarily interested in the stability of the technology but the people behind the project. Professional skills must be translated, preferably by a native speaker.

Investors evaluate ICO projects based on the development team. It’s not enough to have talented coders and developers. What attracts people to the project is the quantity and quality of member participation. Needless to say, the white paper will be examined against plagiarism and ensure that it has an appropriate unique value proposition. And if you make it multilingual.











Multilingual White Paper Eliminates Any Doubts About Your Team’s Language Level

Yes, it reinforces your credibility, not to mention that it will give your team members the confidence they need to approach investors. Figure out what the technical strengths of your team are, determine if any one of them have outstanding achievements, and establish if their experiences are relevant to the blockchain solution in development. As far as translating the whitepaper is concerned, pay attention to grammar, spelling, as well as other technicalities.

Even the smallest spelling errors can affect the message conveyed in the white paper. Let’s not talk about poor word choice. Nothing will go well when it comes to translating the white paper unless the translation is handled by translation and localization experts.

Reach the perfect combination of technical and non-technical. The white paper is written for potential investors, but that doesn’t mean that you should exaggerate with technical lingo. Keep the language and structure simple. This is important even when translating the document. Include lots of visuals and graphs, and, last but not least believe in the success of the project.

Even More Appropriate at An International Level: Multilingual Word of Mouth Marketing  

You’re using an initial coin offering for the launch of your own cryptocurrency. Many crypto tokens exist internationally. Some experts have even proceeded to the classification of the most popular cryptocurrencies – in other words, Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ether. It is essential to release ICO white papers in multiple languages if you wish to make a favorable impression at an international level.

According to the experts at The Word Point, machine translation is unacceptable. Not only is the translation not dependable, but also you won’t be able to receive feedback. You should look for assistance. As tech companies become more and more internationalized in the global market, the need for white paper translation and localization services is in great demand. If you want to gain a competitive advantage, present multilingual content. Make your data multilingual and deploy multilingual vocabularies.

Professional translators can help you translate your blockchain/cryptocurrency website or your mobile application. Let’s say you post the white paper on your website and include a link to GitHub or BitcoinTalk. The availability of various languages for your website, ICO white paper, and important marketing materials builds trust in your team, not to mention that it shows credibility in terms of a potential investment.

Cater to the linguistic needs of audiences from different nations. This is the only way to attract international investors’ attention and communicate your message. In addition to the United States of America, there are many nations with dynamic investors. Examples include but aren’t limited to:

  • Korea
  • Japan
  • China
  • Russia

The level of accuracy necessary for a crypto white paper can only be delivered by professional language service providers. They have proficiency in the source and target language, in addition to the fact that they are irrefutable experts in the languages involved in the translation process. Choose a company with years of experience in translating ICO-related content. Your ICO will gain global visibility and you’ll get a quick response.

Final Considerations and Conclusions

The white paper matters a lot when it comes to ICO and crypto marketing. It must be thoroughly and well-designed. What is more, the white paper should be presented in various languages for the most promising markets. Multilingual buyers and investors want and demand to see a white paper that reads out simply. The last thing they want is to struggle to read a document in a language they’re not familiar with. Translate your crypto white paper and don’t focus your attention solely on local markets.

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