Thesaurum Ico Review : Gold mining investment using blockchain games

About Thesaurum

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Thesaurum is a platform that digitizes, tokenizes and provides various assets including gold mines in Ghana as a game prize. Most game prizes were a simple distribution of game users‘ funds, but Thesaurum does business with the game users’ funds and distributes their profits. As a result, Thesaurum establishes a game that can offer more valuable prizes and game users will not lose. Offers games where game users compete Remove this and win high- priced goods from around the world, Blockchain technology makes it completely faie and secure.

Token Basic Information

Token symbolTSM
Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Telegram
Softcap$ 200,000
Hardcap$ 3.60M
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


To be the leading mining and mineral exploration engineering company in West Africa through support service license regulations.

Mining Problems and Revenue

Small-scale mining accounts for 35% of gold production in Ghana. Legally, small-scale mining is limited to Ghanaian citizens only and foreign participation is a criminalized. However, high capital requirement needed to operate a mine makes it expensive for interested citizens to invest in small-scale mining. As a result, foreign Nationals with adequate capital and financial muscle collaborate with some Ghanaian citizens in illegal small-scale mining popular known as Galamsey. Many of these foreigners are Chinese Nationals. After a soaring gold price in 2008, some 50,000 foreign migrants moved to Ghana to operate illegal and unregulated small-scale mining sites leaving disastrous consequences to the environment including water bodies and the livelihood of persons living in and around the mine sites.

Government lifted ban on small-scale mining on 17 December 2018. According to government, the two-year ban was lifted because the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining had successfully developed a comprehensive policy framework to regularize small-scale mining across Ghana.

In 2019 Ghana has become No.1 gold producing country in Africa

Small scale mining accounts for 44% of Ghana’s gross gold production. Small-scale mining is inefficient and has low profitability due to ineffective mining methods and insufficient capital investment by local miners. Small-scale mining was suspended for 20 months until December 2019, as a results of great economic losses and environmental destruction caused by illegal mining. This led to a huge socio-economic problem in Ghana

Today, Ghana is not only the best place for doing business in West Africa, but the fastest growing economy in the world according to the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report 2019. The country has developed into an established business destination for investors seeking a conducive business environment, committed and progressive government-private sector participation, political stability, transparent regulations and a dynamic private sector ready for partnerships. The government is committed to implementing policies that reduce the general cost of doing business to promote investor confidence in the country. Here are seven reasons to invest in Ghana.


Thesaurum investigate the amount of gold buried in our land and calculate it as an asset. We also use blockchain to manage the tokenization of our assets, tracking transactions, and the flow of funds, ensuring a safe business without fraud.

Thesaurum Ecosystem

Thesaurum investigate the amount of gold buried in our land and calculate it as an asset. We also use blockchain to manage the tokenization of our assets, tracking transactions, and the flow of funds, ensuring a safe business without fraud.

  • Lotteries have a winning probability of 1 to ten thousand. Thesaurum winning probability is 1 per participant.
  • Thesaurum makes all participants winners. No fees are paid from participants. Safe without fraud.
  • Dividend to investor + large payout to game winner
  • Interest rates are higher than banks offer, gold is a global value

Bitcoin is sure to be the focus of attention in Africa

There will be 725 million mobile phone subscribers in Africa by 2020, according to GSM
Association, which represents the interests of mobile operators globally. That means more Africans will have the tools to plug into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Become a game owner!

If you buy a Token worth 50,000 dollars per piece, Thesaurum will make an original game for you. Create a simple mini-game. You will get a usage fee for users who use that game!

Game Alliances with Other Companies

It takes time and money to gather members on our own. Thesaurum offer a platform to expand our services by partnering with other companies in a game alliance.

  • Who has a lot of members, but not monetized. Example: Youtuber holding one million followers.
  • Who developed games, but not earning any money. More than 3 million games are applied worldwide a year.

How to use TSM

You can participate in our normal blockchain game with TSM deposit(Min. 10% of the participation fee), and your dividend rate will increase. You can participate in our special blockchain game among TSM holders.

Features of Thesaurum

Stable democratic climate

Ranked as the most stable political environment within the West African sub region and fifth in Africa, Ghana has established democratic institutions and systems to ensure good governance and rule of law in the country – Africa Benchmark Country Report. Best judicial system in the world measured by rule of law, World Justice Projects.

Ease of doing business

Ranked best place for doing business in West Africa according to the Ease of Doing Business Report 2019 (114th globally). Best destination in Sub-Saharan Africa (A.T Kearney Global Services Location Index (GSLI), 2017. Most competitive economy in the West African sub region and #10 in Sub Saharan Africa, (World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index 2018). #2 FDI destination in West Africa & #7 in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Growing population and middle class

Growing population of ~2% p.a. with increasing urbanization and growing middle class– composed of individuals with a daily income of at least $8.44 – exceeds 1m people.

Strong resource pool

#2 largest cocoa producer in the world and Africa’s biggest gold miner after South Africa.



MembersMichael Dwumfuor CEO
Gilbert Odartey Hansen CTO
Edward wiredu CFO
David Baffour-Kwakye Business Development Manager
Taswar Naqvi ​Marketing Project Manager

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