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THORChain Ico Review : The token powering the THORChain ecosystem

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About THORChain

The THORChain ecosystem is built for a singular purpose: to create a massive payment network for payment freedom. In the matured vision it will enable anyone to pay for anything in any currency, with continuous liquidity, near-instant finality and complete self-sovereignty. The THORChain ecosystem is a hybrid of emerging multi-layer technologies. THORChain will enhance and augment the entire crypto-currency and digital asset ecosystem; being completely chain-agnostic with fundamentals of compatibility, performance and upgradeability.

Basic Information

Token Name THORChain
Token Symbol RUNE
Social Media THORChain Ico Review : The token powering the THORChain ecosystemTHORChain Ico Review : The token powering the THORChain ecosystem
Token Price 0.0002 ETH
Language English
Restricted countries China, United States of America
Accepting ETH
Hard Cap 550 ETH (123,618 USD)
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Powering Ecosytem

Network Security

THORChain Validators bond Rune to earn block rewards (Proof-of-Stake). Rune holders can delegate tokens to validators to share the reward.


Rune holders stake assets to earn liquidity fees in both Layer 1 liquidity pools and Layer 2 liquidity hubs.

One chain Governance

Members bond Rune to cast votes for continuous protocol governance.

*Final functionality may change depending on protocol development.


  • Tokens will be distributed over 10 milestones.
  • Milestones are matched to the THORChain Development Roadmap.
  • Tokens released immediately following phase completion.
  • Donations are made to the Odin Foundation.
  • KYC checks for withdrawals above $10,000. Read the Policy.

Distribution Steps

  1. KYC (For transactions above $10,000). Apply For KYC here.
  2. Contribute to the contribution address.
  3. Withdraw your Rune (using your contribution wallet)
  4. View / add your tokens or collectible in your wallet.

Token Distribution

  • 50% of initial Rune will be publicly distributed.
  • 30% allocated to the liquidity fund; to be used for on-chain liquidity.
  • 20% allocated to the development fund; paid to developers of the protocol through contracts, public grants and open bounties.

Jouney To Asgard

  • 62 limited-release THORChain Collectibles will be issued at fixed points across the distribution.
  • All THORChain Collectibles will be ERC-721 digital assets that will be ported to MainNet – Asgard.
  • Collectibles will grant the holder permanent and various features on Asgard, ASGARDEX and the Asgard Wallet, such as free trading fees, priority transactions, community status and featured names.



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