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TokenPesa ICO Review : Price Stable Decentralized Exchange And Asset Management Network


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About TokenPesa 

TokenPesa the power of technology is evidently the most effective way of integrating the unbanked population into the mainstream finance. This has been demonstrated by the massive adoption of mobile money in Kenya. Moreover, the service has been beneficial to both the banked and un-banked alike. Features such as convenience, speed, and low transaction fees attract significant numbers of those already using banks. Today, TokenPesa at the very beginning of a new financial renaissance powered by blockchain technology – decentralized finance (DeFi). Despite the numerous potential benefits therein blockchain technologies for the developing world, sub-Saharan Africa still lags behind in the adoption of cryptocurrencie. Case in point, stable coins can provide struggling communities access to capital, liquidity, and the gateway to global markets.

Basic Information

Token NameTokenPesa
Token SymbolTDAT
Social Media=====
Soft cap
100 USD
Hard cap1,800,000 USD
Tokens for sale
24,000,000 TDAT
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Problems and challenges

Lack of dedicated crypto-markets

Cryptocurrency exchanges, today, don’t provide a straight-forward mechanism to easily enter and exit markets in Kenya Shilling.

Cryptocurrency volatility

Despite growing interest by Kenyan traders to adopt the blockchain, most are still skeptical about potential loss in value due to the price volatility associated with cryptocurrencies.

Regulatory uncertainty

The Central Bank of Kenya has been hesitant to acknowledge cryptocurrencies as legal tender, mainly due to their anonymous nature. The institution has time and again advised the general public against dealing in cryptocurrency, further inhibiting adoption.


  • Wrapped KSH – an asset backed token (stablecoin) that is pegged 1:1 to the value of the Kenya Shilling.
  • TokenPesa DAO – decentralized, autonomous Wrapped KSH token contract governance and asset management.
  • PesaDEX – a decentralized, digital asset exchange (DEX) network that swaps Wrapped KSH against multiple ERC20 tokens.

Problem solving

Naively, the straight-forward way to form a scalable decision-making process is by demanding only a relative majority to approve a decision. By relative majority TokenPesa mean that the majority of approvals is only with respect to those who cast their vote and not all potential voters in the system. To solve this problem, previous systems of governance introduced a quorum — the minimal amount of voting power that needs to be engaged into a decision to make it legitimate for approval. The problem with a quorum is that it is impossible to fix the right amount of it, and will either damage resilience — if set too low, or scalability — if set too high, and possibly both. If at all, the quorum needs to be

Network roles in TokenPesa

  • Custodian the institution who holds the asset. This role will be played by TokenPesa as the sole network custodian. The custodian holds the keys to mint and burn Wrapped KSH tokens.
  • Agent the party to which Wrapped KSH tokens will be minted to and burnt from. Agents play a key role in distribution of the WKSH. Each agent holds a key to initiate minting and burning of WKSH tokens.
  • The users holders of the WKSH. Users can use Wrapped KSH tokens to transfer and transact like any other ERC20 token in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Fees charged from parties

Transfers of WKSH between users will have no cost apart from network fees. There are two ways in which different parties in the network can earn fees:

  • Custodian fees: This is taken by the custodian at the time when an agent mints or burns Wrapped KSH tokens.
  • Agent fees: This is taken by the agent with whom the user exchanges wrapped KSH tokens for the asset.

Transparency in the TokenPesa

There will be full transparency in TokenPesa functioning of the Wrapped KSH token. All key details of the network will be reflected in a dashboard, some of which are:

  • Names and details of the custodian and agents in the network.
  • Status of mint and burn orders.
  • Total amount of KSH stored by the custodian.
  • Total amount of WKSH in the network.
  • Quarterly audits by third parties to verify that the custodian maintains KSH reserves to fully back the Wrapped KSH token.
  • Custodian and agents Ethereum addresses.

Key benefits

  • Increased speed of KSH transactions – Ethereum blocks are formed every 12 seconds and transactions can be considered immune to reversal after 25 blocks. Payment channel technologies such as Raiden Network allow for transactions with instant finality.
  • TokenPesa improved usability – users can choose to hold their WKSH in multiple Ethereum enabled wallets.
  • Improved transparency – all transactions are publicly available on Ethereum explorers.
  • Lower transaction fees.
  • Micro-payments compatible.




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