Binance Ico Review : Enter the new era of ICO!

About mission is to minimize risks and increase the profitability of investing in projects at the initial
stage globally. In its turn, the W12 platform provides projects with the opportunity of raising funds at no
costs and without special technical expertise by creating an environment for projects in which the path
from an idea to a profitable business would be as short as possible. vision is to become the most significant global platform that would change the established centralized project fundraising ways limited to geographical and political frameworks and would give private investors access to the creation of projects based on the new millennium digital economy and to the building of a global future.

KeyW12 advantages

Enhances early-stage project investment yield more than tenfold through the purchase of
– tokens and reduces risks for investors.
– Refunds up to 95% of funds invested in unrealized project to investors.
– Provides the possibility of limiting the sale of tokens by early-stage investors on exchanges
– immediately after an ICO to prevent token price drops (when the project activates the Token
Hold function)
– Simplifies the private investors’ choice of projects and the transfer of funds to trust management
– Allows projects to quickly attract financing without initial costs or any special technical expertise.
– Creates infrastructure for the decentralization of capital and establishes a new standard for safe
investment in projects.

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Basic Information

Start: – May 4, 2018

End date: – June 15, 2018

Discount: – 33-20%

Стоимость токена – 0,0001 ETH-0,00012 ETH

Hard cap – 50 million W12 tokens

Amount of fees – 5000 ETH – 6000 ETH ($3 million – $3,6 million)(depending on the discount)


Getting high profits from some investments in ICO projects, in the same time token buyers will lose their assets in the long-term perspective in 95% of cases.Eventually, the value of tokens of unrealized projects will drop to zero. At least 98% of ICO projects will never get realized as presented.

Solution represents a platform and blockchain protocol that offers the opportunity to securely invest in projects and receive high ROI. technology makes it possible to reduce early-stage project investment loss risks tenfold, and, consequently, considerably increase the profitability of the crowdfunding of any projects.

The marketplace allows to conveniently select and purchase project tokens, compare projects based on their ratings and other parameters, as well as receive news and updates regarding project implementation progress in real time.


Use of W12 tokens:

  • W12 tokens are used to store funds raised for each project on the platform
  • users can use W12 tokens to purchase the paid services of the platform

burn: 15% of W12 tokens received are burned when they are used to pay for the services available on the platform.

How does the protocol work? Investors’ funds for a project are raised through a SMART contract after the completion of a RoadMap stage. The completion of the stage is confirmed through investors’ voting (or the voting of those to whom investors have transferred the right to vote.



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