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About was established on October 31, 2018 by joint efforts of young, goal-oriented financiers and crypto traders. The basis of the project “Simplicity, Accessibility and Reliability”, which describes the whole essence of the project TOR Corporation. They will not paint what they are good, but they will prove with deeds all the advantages of the following.

For the TOR coin, a unique para-mining technology is used, providing a TOR coin reward depending on its amount in the wallet.

Most crypto-currency projects are powered by POW technology, which requires a lot of resources and costs of a huge amount of electricity; the TOR coin does not use expensive mining equipment.

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Basic Information

Min Investment$1.00
Min WithdrawNo Limit
Avg. Refer Rate1 Level Refer System 3%*
Payment Type
Company TypeHyip
Web I.P134.209.230.168
Company AddressU.K
Company NoNot Found
Payment AcceptedBitcoin, Bank Wire, Payeer

Investment Plan Of

Percentage of ParaMining profitability per number of coins per day
1-99.999999 0.45%
100-999.999999 0.54%
1,000-9,999.999999 0.69%
10 000-99,999.999999 0.95%
100 000-999 999.999999 1.08%
1 000 000-10 000 000 1.45%

Complete Review Of

The work of the coin is ensured by the eco-technology POS, which allows you to significantly save resources on power supply and invest them in the development of the coin itself, as well as in charity, ecology and new projects. Transactions can be accompanied by encrypted comments, accessible only to the comment author and transaction addressee. High speed of sending and receiving TOR coins – the average time to receive a cryptocurrency takes up to one minute and does not depend on the number of simultaneous transactions.

Special Features of


TOR uses a unique paramining technology, providing a reward in the form of TOR coins, depending on its amount in the wallet. Paramining work in wallets with a balance above 1TOR.

Instant translation

TOR coins are credited to the recipient’s account in 1 minute, regardless of the number of simultaneous transactions in the network.

Each translation can be accompanied by an encrypted comment, which is visible only to the sender and the recipient.


For the safety of your funds in TOR wallets, a system is implemented using one-time passwords via e-mail, 2FA or SMS.

TOR Corporation assumes all responsibility for the safety of your funds when connected protection via SMS.

Own Exchange

In the user’s personal account there will be built-in multicurrency, where every TOR owner will be able to buy or sell the currency of interest at the market rate.

Commission on the purchase and sale of coins on the stock exchange will be only 0.01% per transaction.

Referral program

To popularize the TOR cryptocurrency, a 595 level referral program will be developed. Currently implemented 10 referral levels.

Low commission

The commission for sending and receiving coins varies from 0.000001 to 0.01 TOR coins. The commission in the TOR network is the lowest, even when compared with other cryptocurrencies.

Full integration with VISA

Each TOR wallet will be connected to a VISA bank card, which will allow you to withdraw and deposit cash in any banks and make purchases in stores.

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